2N hopes that the updated website will prove to be a useful aid for business partners
2N has decided to divide IP audio systems into two larger sections - IP Audio Devices and IP Audio Solutions

With the aim of making the offer of IP audio systems on the 2N website clearer, the company has decided to divide this product group into two larger sections: IP Audio Devices and IP Audio Solutions. So apart from the products themselves, 2N now also presents complete IP audio system solutions on the website.

IP Audio Devices section

The customers and partners will find a description of all HW components intended for distribution of audio via an IP network in the “IP Audio Devices” section. This covers the specific products (e.g. 2N® NetSpeaker, 2N® SIP Speaker or 2N® NetMic etc.) which 2N offers in this field.

IP Audio Solutions section

The “IP Audio Solutions” section is without a doubt more of an innovation. This describes specific use of all of the above-mentioned hardware components in realistic scenarios. Complete solutions in which the unique advantages of the IP audio products can be applied are presented here. A detailed description of the following three solutions is currently to be found in this section:

  • Background Music Systems
  • Public Address
  • VoIP Paging

In addition to this, 2N will be gradually enlarging this section to include further scenarios for use over the coming months. The user can for example look forward to in-store radio, audio surveillance and a school bell.

Thanks to the new structure of IP audio systems and the high quality content of individual pages, full information will be available in one place. This allows to clearly present 2N’s offer in the field of IP audio and thanks to this, to increase the added value of the products themselves and also that of the complete IP audio solutions. Last but not least, 2N hopes that the updated website will prove to be a useful aid for business partners not only when looking for inspiration and ideas for new projects, but also in terms of their implementation.