Since Frogmountain Studio often works with acoustic instruments, they see clear advantage in the treble range and accuracy the ADAM S3X-H monitors have
Frogmountain Studio also chose ADAM S3X-H monitors for its newly constructed studio control room

Since starting Frogmountain Records in 2007, the Austrian label’s goal was to open their own studio facilities. Construction of the studio began in 2012 and recently opened its’ doors this past April. With an increasing demand for studio work and the musical diversity of owner Florian Wöss, Frogmountian studio has a unique acoustic treatment made of natural wood which allows for a reverberation time of up to 0.8 seconds in the control room with a ceiling height of 6 meters. This results in a nice room that caters to acoustic instruments.

The main spot in the studio is of course the control room which serves as a creative place for both composition and production.

The U-shaped mixing desk reminds one of Star Trek’s Enterprise consoles - which creates a highly efficient workflow. The perfect acoustics are a delight for every musician - the lavish design of the wooden acoustic panels in combination with daylight makes working in this studio a very comfortable environment. A second mobile workstation is used for multimedia productions and it has been equipped with ADAM A77X monitors.

Not one to rest on his laurels, Wöss is currently working together with a 16 people string orchestra and a rhythm group on a child’s CD project. At the same time he is producing a song for a female Austrian singer, followed by a Fusion Jazz recording project. Things are off to a busy start!

Besides positioning and acoustic treatment of the control room two more things are important to Wöss in regard to studio monitoring: “For me, a good monitor is defined by an accurate and well-balanced frequency response that you can trust. And of course, working long hours in front of the monitors should be possible without fatigue.”

“The A77Xs”, he continues, “were the first ADAM monitors that filled the previous studio with sound. We were very impressed by the unbelievable clear treble range and the wide stereo image. From that day, ADAM was a permanent fixture in our studio. For the newly constructed studio we were still in need of a new suitable monitor system. Our choice for the control room was between Mackie, Genelec and ADAM S3X-H. Since we often work with acoustic instruments (including strings) we see a clear advantage in the treble range and accuracy the S3X-H’s have. They were second to none in our listening tests, so we went for them and have never regretted it!”