The ICMS is designed for Railway Operation Control Centers
ICMS allows easy control of CCTV, public address and voice alarm systems

The Future of Railways Control Room starts here: Alcatel-Lucent and ASL Safety & Security demonstrate Integrated Control and Management System(ICMS) at InnoTrans, Berlin.

At a glance:

  • Integrated management system for Railway Operation Control Centers (OCC)
  • Provides complete overview, control and monitoring of all key equipment and services, greatly improving passenger safety and security
  • Intuitive Graphical User Interface (GUI) offering a realistic 3D model of en-route stations.
  • Easy control of CCTV, Public Address and Voice Alarm systems with clearly marked coverage areas
  • Improved procedural compliance through easy to configure pre-defined work flows for emergency response plans
  • Multiple Failure Prevention for all critical services

Alcatel-Lucent and ASL Safety & Security are collaborating on the next generation of management platforms for railway control rooms, by bringing together the expertise of Alcatel-Lucent in superior network supervision for prevention of communication failures and configurable workflows for better process coordination and the ASL’s open and distributed iVENCS technology with intuitive 3D navigation empowering OCC operators, by means of real situational awareness.

How will customers benefit from this solution demonstration? This unique solution delivers telecom network management with assurance and alarm correlation to prevent failure of mission critical applications, together with asset management, change management, incident management and service provisioning tools. From a usability standpoint, the solution features an innovative GUI that provides OCC staff with an impressive navigation experience through a realistic 3D model of the stations under control. This enables operators to quickly pinpoint and react to priority situations. In addition, Operation Managers can configure a virtually unlimited number of control sequences to execute specific operating procedures across otherwise uncorrelated systems and devices.

Christophe Lamarsaude, Head of Services Solution for Strategic Industries within Alcatel Lucent Services Group:

“We are excited by the opportunity of applying to the railway market our expertise in software and application integration of Operation Support and Supervision systems, building on our great portfolio of references as Network Rail, Swiss Railways, and more recently with Trafikverket in Sweden. As we do this, we will keep on working  with best-of-breed partners to deliver on an attractive and competitive portfolio of solutions”

Sousan Azimrayat, Managing Director of ASL Safety & Security:

“Having worked with Alcatel-Lucent for a number of years in supplying our Long Line Public Address portfolio, most recently to railway projects in Eastern Europe, we are proud to bring this relationship to a different level. Collaboration with infrastructure level integrators and recognised leaders such as Alcatel-Lucent gives ASL unique opportunities to develop the next generation of convergent technologies for the rail market. ”