The ECLIPSE2M is packed with features despite the compact size of the unit
VIGIL ECLIPSE2M offers four inputs and four outputs with full battery backup and monitoring

Baldwin Boxall has announced the arrival of a new wall-mountable voice evacuation/public address system – the VIGIL ECLIPSE2M. All in one housing, the system provides four inputs and four outputs (all electronically balanced) with full battery backup and monitoring.

With the BVRD2M4 DSP-controlled router at its heart, the ECLIPSE2M is feature rich – despite the unit’s compact size (475mm W x 777mm H x 130 mm D). Features include: fifteen priority levels, up to six flash stored messages, real time clock with detailed logging/reporting and ambient noise sensing. An ‘all call’ failsafe emergency evacuate message is embedded in the main processor which will trigger in the event of DSP failure.

The ECLIPSE2M is a reliable public address system in non-emergency conditions and has the ability to provide timed messages (useful for advertisement injection, opening times, etc), can have night time volume reduction and has a choice of pre-announcement tones. All this ensures that the end user has a system which is not only there for safe evacuation, it is also a useful tool.

Fully networkable (up to 126 units), the ECLIPSE2M is suitable for many applications from the small stand-alone, or as part of a larger VIGIL voice alarm system. The unit is ideal for decentralised networking and for tenant/landlord systems – such as in shopping centres, universities/collages, etc.

Digital networking can be provided by use of the BVRDNET range of products. The range provides installers with a choice of using either copper or fibre cabling (or a combination of both).The BVRDNET is a factory fitted option and enables distances of up to 3km (fibre) between units.

The VIGIL2M complements Baldwin Boxall’s comprehensive range of voice alarm equipment. The VIGIL products enable system designers to find a solution for any requirement – no matter how complex.