CARE2 qualifies to be an alternative to Baldwin Boxall’s loop-wired OmniCare
CARE2 is a radial wired EVC system which is versatile and easy to use

Baldwin Boxall’s new radial wired EVC system will be available at the beginning of April and can be pre-ordered now. CARE2 is the company’s latest development – stylish, versatile and easy to use. Built to the high standard you expect from Baldwin Boxall, CARE2 provides an alternative to their well-established loop-wired OmniCare.


  • CARE2 is an all-in-one Emergency Voice Communication (EVC) system.
  • Fully monitored and battery-backed.
  • Fully compliant to BS5839-9:2011
  • Assists companies with compliance to BS9999:2008.
  • Outstations are radial wired using fire rated two-core cable.
  • Optional link to fire detection system prevents hoax disabled refuge calls.
  • Firefighter and roaming telephones remain active.
  • Disabled refuge remotes.
  • Firefighter telephones.
  • Roaming telephones.
  • Outstations (including roaming telephone enclosure) are powered from the line.


  • Stylish, versatile and easy to operate.
  • Monitored roaming telephone handsets.
  • Ideal for retro-fitting old star-wired systems.
  • Simple to navigate and control.
  • Activity/fault log.
  • Ethernet port for configuration diagnostics and accessing activity/fault log.