Baldwin Boxall will be on stand E39 in Hall 8, with Laauser & Vohl, at 2015 Prolight + Sound show
Baldwin will also demonstrate its new remote monitoring interface for VIGIL2 and forthcoming touchscreen microphone

Baldwin Boxall will be on stand E39 in Hall 8, with Laauser & Vohl, at 2015 Prolight + Sound show.

Visitors to the stand will be able to preview VIGIL3 - Baldwin Boxall’s next generation voice alarm system, see demonstrations of the new remote monitoring interface for VIGIL2 voice alarm systems and the forthcoming touchscreen microphone.

VIGIL3 – The Next Generation:

The forthcoming VIGIL3 will have many new features and advantages compared to other systems on the market today. The new VIGIL3 will include an Ethernet backbone with IP interfacing for simplicity and will be built for complete reliability and longevity – qualities that customers have come to expect from this UK manufacturer. VIGIL3 will be modular in format with various options available with regard to configuration and programming methods for the engineer and end user. The system will have the ability to include abundant inputs, outputs and stored messages (relevant to the system size) – providing total flexibility.

Another key feature worth a mention is the lack of transformer in the amplifiers – an incredible achievement resulting in weight reduction (up to 66%) and size of each amplifier. This, combined with the fact that VIGIL3 will not have the traditional style routers that we know today, will result in the reduction of rack space and, therefore, the footprint of many systems – an extremely valuable asset for many companies.

New IP Interface for VIGIL2:

The new IP interface (known as the BVRDIP) enables remote monitoring of a VIGIL2 voice alarm system via the internet. Installation will provide great benefits, especially for maintenance engineers, by automatically sending notification of any fault detected on the system – thus enabling the monitoring of several systems from a distance.

The BVRDIP unit, when installed in a VIGIL2 voice alarm rack, constantly checks the fault status of the entire system (including networked systems) – it never sleeps. Should a fault be detected at any point on the system, the unit automatically sends notification of the fault to up to six recipients (via email). Remote log, via the internet, provides the ability to view the status of a system at any time, with the ability to access and download detailed fault logs.

With a simple and intuitive setup process, via DHCP (Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol), the unit can be fitted to any VIGIL2 EVAS voice alarm system, including any that are currently in use.

Touchscreen Microphone

A stylish, easy-to-use touchscreen control microphone which provides full control of a VIGIL voice alarm system. In addition to the standard features you would expect from a full function microphone, the new unit includes the ability to directly connect a music source to the system for broadcast to selected zones. Other features include dual output facility, operator log in feature for different access levels, access to detailed system history and fault logs and an ‘all call’ hard wired bypass facility.