Barix Exstreamer continues to be a leading choice for radio (terrestrial and online), VoIP and other related applications worldwide, with tens of thousands of deployments worldwide
Barix streaming solution will be deployed within “City Radio Media Room” studio

Audio over IP technology from Barix will help the Festival of Lights in Leipzig, Germany celebrate the Festival of Lights on October 9, 2014 with citizens and prominent political representatives, in recognition of the 25-year anniversary of the Peaceful Revolution. Barix is working with online radio broadcaster to revive the former Leipzig City Radio, developing an Audio over IP streaming architecture to broadcast sound collages, musical treasures, features and other original recordings about the Peaceful Revolution and generation of ’89. The Barix streaming solution will be deployed within the “City Radio Media Room” studio, delivering broadcast content from 10 Exstreamer IP audio decoders to various playout points across the festival.

As an emotional highpoint of the many historical remembrance events organised by Leipzig Tourismus and Marketing GmbH, the Festival of Lights is extending across the entire inner city ring road for the first time. It documents the historical route of the Leipzig demonstrations, and establishes links between the events in 1989 and 2014 along the route through a broad diversity of projects, performances and projections.

In addition to broadcasting original recordings as part of the special listening experience, contemporary witnesses, historians and ambassadors from other countries will be speaking about the events then and now. Inspired by the spirit of the Peaceful Revolution, visitors to the Festival of Lights are invited to become part of the broadcast, along with Festival of Lights artists introducing their projects throughout the event. The audio streams presented by will then be broadcast between 6am and 7pm at all of Leipzig‘s LVB public transportation stops within the inner ring road of Leipzig.

NATURTON audiodienste GmbH is assuming responsibility for technical implementation of the radio system at stops and stations. Involvement in the Festival of Lights is a personal desire for the company’s CEO Adrian Neumann, who is pleased to deploy the Barix IP streaming solution during the Leipzig Festival of Lights.

“Knowledge gained from my data teleprocessing days is has provided me with experience about how to relay an audio signal through an IT network, which is what we are ultimately doing at the Festival of Lights,” said Neumann. “This is where LTE transmission and IT streaming, and legacy amplifier and loudspeaker technologies are being united – like my education in the East and my career in the West. This is why the project is very exciting for me.”

Barix offers the ideal solution for the streaming architecture due to its support of numerous protocols, encoding methods and application-specific firmware. The Barix Exstreamer continues to be a leading choice for radio (terrestrial and online), VoIP and other related applications worldwide, with tens of thousands of deployments worldwide.

“The Barix IP streaming solution is ideal for the deployment planned at the Leipzig Festival of Lights,” says Frank Frederiksen, COO of the Zurich-based company. “We are extremely glad to be able to support the festivities surrounding the memorable events in the autumn of 1989. The Peaceful Revolution and the accompanying end to the Cold War also associate us in Switzerland with a transition to a new global era. In this respect, being part of this wonderful event is a matter close to our heart.”