Barix releases Studio transmitter link v3.06, SIP client v2.13, Instreamer v4.03 firmwares
All new firmwares contain new SONG module v10.01, which improves audio quality, settings for VS1063 based devices

Barix has released new versions for the below mentioned firmwares. The new firmware updates available for STL, SIP Client and Instreamer

Studio transmitter link (STL) firmware v3.06

  • add QoS parameter in WEB UI network settings
  • add CBR option for MP3 encoding
  • add Bit Reservoir option for MP3 encoding

SIP client firmware v2.13

  • Major improvement in Acoustic Echo Cancellation
  • On those devices based on IPAM102 and IPAM302
  • TCP command port working again
  • Several minor fixes to improve device stability

Instreamer standard firmware v4.03

  • AES/EBU now allowed as an option on an Ex1000
  • minor corrections on the Web UI
  • some fixes for Icecast streaming
  • Several minor fixes to improve device behavior

All new firmwares contain the new SONG module v10.01 which improves audio quality/settings for VS1063 based devices.