As a senior applications engineer for Biamp, Zhang specialises in DSP programming
Zhang will present ‘The Exploration of Networked Audio Protocols’ & ‘Anatomy of Distributed vs. Centralized Paging Solutions’ sessions

Biamp Systems, a leading provider of innovative, networked media systems, recently announced that Biamp® Senior Applications Engineer, Kane Zhang, will be presenting two speaking sessions at InfoComm China 2015. Delivered in Mandarin on 9 April at 11:30 and in English at 15:00, the presentation titled “The Exploration of Networked Audio Protocols: AVB, CobraNet, and Dante” will examine the specific features of today’s audio protocols. At 16:00, Zhang will present “Anatomy of Distributed vs. Centralized Paging Solutions” in Mandarin and explore the trade-offs between centralised and decentralised paging system topologies. All three sessions will take place at the China National Convention Center (CNCC) in Beijing.

Understanding network infrastructures of CobraNet, Dante, and AVB technology

Understanding the different network infrastructures of CobraNet®, Dante™, and AVB technology will allow participants to better gauge the opportunities, applications, and specific functions of the audio market’s available protocols. Zhang will also look into differentiating time mechanisms, IP routing of media over networks, and discuss the role of AES67 within the various protocols. The second session will investigate the architectures, benefits, and unique characteristics of distributed and centralised paging solutions. In addition, the presentation will look into issues such as scalability, interoperability, system reliability, and the resulting AV system’s total cost of ownership.

“Our industry is at a crossroads, creating the need for system installers to fully understand the innovations and technology protocols behind today’s rapidly evolving systems,” said Zhang. “Through these sessions, audience members will better understand how to select networking options that are best suited to their applications and specific AV solutions, while gaining more insight into the impact of different paging system infrastructures. InfoComm China proves to be a very engaging event, and I look forward to speaking with participants from all areas of the audio industry.”

Specialises in DSP programming

As a senior applications engineer for Biamp, Zhang specialises in DSP programming. With more than 12 years of extensive experience working in the AV industry, Zhang joined Biamp in 2010 and is based in Hong Kong. Previously, he worked with videoconferencing companies such as Polycom and Tandberg, bringing a wide range of technical consultation and expertise to speaking events.