AudiaVOIP relies on Sona to handle the stringent audio demands of VoIP conferencing systems
AudiaVOIP includes all the necessary features needed for today's most demanding VoIP systems

Biamp Systems, a leading provider of innovative, networked media systems, recently introduced AudiaVOIP. Designed for AV integrators who need a dedicated, self-contained Voice over IP (VoIP) teleconferencing solution, AudiaVOIP is the latest innovation from Biamp and its newest Audia product. With plug-and-play simplicity, AudiaVOIP includes all of the necessary features and functionality needed for today's most demanding VoIP systems.

"We developed AudiaVOIP based on feedback from our partners who requested a very specific type of processor for VoIP systems," said Justin O'Connor, Audio Product Manager, Biamp Systems. "It features the same power and reliability that integrators have come to expect from Audia, with the necessary features included for an optimized VoIP conference system. We have extensive experience with VoIP technology and projects, our industry-leading expertise has been incorporated in this new solution."

AudiaVOIP relies on Sona, the industry-leading acoustic echo cancellation (AEC) algorithm, to handle the stringent audio demands of VoIP conferencing systems and provide precise, intelligible audio.

AudiaVOIP also provides a range of I/O options via IP-2, OP-2e, VoIP, and PA-2 amplifier cards, and ships with a DAP file loaded to allow quick and easy configurations. A pre-designed daVinci control file is also available for use with the AudiaVOIP.

AudiaVOIP, the newest product in the Biamp Audia line, also includes AudiaFLEX, AudiaFUSION and AudiaSOLO. Each Audia unit can provide the power of an entire rack of processors, with the ability to be customized for nearly any size project. Audia products use CobraNet® technology for scalable design and flexible networking, and are available with a range of options for expansion (AudiaEXPI and AudiaEXPO) and control.

AudiaVOIP will be available in mid-July.