Electro-Voice EVID speakers produce such quality and reliable sound
The sound system consists of Electro-Voice loudspeakers and Bosch PLENA Matrix PLM-8M8 mixer

Situated in the heart of the Assembly of Deutsche Bank Place in Sydney is Mordeo Bistro & Bar, which brings a slice of Southern European cuisine to Sydney’s CBD. Prior to its opening a few months ago, Mordeo looked to specialist audiovisual and technology consultant Konnectus to assist them in designing and delivering a high-quality installed sound system.

Mordeo Bistro & Bar desired a sound system which could provide pleasant, unobtrusive background music (BGM) in four separate zones: the inside dining area, the bar, and two independent zones in the outside dining area. In addition, Mordeo wanted the ability to easily control the volume and source selection in these independent zones. Mordeo also sought a system which complemented architect MBMO’s stylish finishes. After modeling a few different options for the venue, Konnectus decided on a combination of products from Bosch Communications.

Sight and sound

The sound system design consisted of Electro-Voice EVID C8.2 ceiling loudspeakers in conjunction with EVID 6.2T wall mount loudspeakers, which together create smooth, ambient BGM for Mordeo’s patrons. The EVIDs satisfied another key element of the design brief: they have the ability to provide intelligible sound coverage enclosed within the intimate space of Mordeo. Jonathan Cuthbertson, Director of Konnectus stated: “This requirement was no easy feat given Mordeo’s location in the 15-metre tall ‘Assembly’ of Deutsche Bank Place.”

Another factor which determined the suitability of the EVIDs is their soft-shape design, which blends in well with MBMO’s selection of lighting fixtures and the curvature of furnishings. Bosch representative Bryan Davidson commented: “Sound is definitely there in terms of coverage, but you wouldn’t even notice the speakers unless you tried, thanks to the smooth sound quality and smooth design finish.”

“Konnectus has used the Electro-Voice EVID speakers time and time again over the years because they produce such quality and reliable sound. They were also an easy choice for this venue because they blend easily and discretely into the background,” stated Mr. Cuthbertson. As a result, Bosch has provided Mordeo with a sound system which not only beautifies the sound of the space, but also its looks.

An EV RE-2-510 wireless microphone system was also supplied to Mordeo, which will be employed for any announcement and vocal performance or speech requirements.

Total control

Nestled at the center of the sound system is a Bosch PLENA Matrix PLM-8M8 mixer, which offers complete control over the entire system. Up to eight separate audio zones can be controlled through the PLM-8M8, which confidently fulfilled the need to provide high fidelity speech and BGM to each independent zone within Mordeo. The PLENA mixer is packed with DSP features, and uses innovative software which can be controlled with an iOS app on iPads or iPhones, enabling simple and user-friendly control of the sound system from anywhere throughout the venue. The simplistic audio control ensures Mordeo staff members are able to focus on more important tasks, such as continuing to deliver the best of Southern European cuisine in Sydney.

CAVS were the elected systems integrator and did a great job installing the equipment. CAVS representative Alex Smyth commented: “The setup and configuration was simple. The Amp Link cables between the PLENA mixer and amplifier ensured it was quick to patch. Also, I was easily able to restrict access and set up easy to use volume controls for the client.”

“Perhaps the biggest drawcard for Mordeo was the ability to enable live performers to use the installed sound system and be confident that the quality of the listening experience for the patrons will be outstanding,” added Mr. Cuthbertson. Mordeo is now able to have constant BGM whilst the venue is open, along with an L & R input for a DJ or small band on Friday nights thanks to the PLENA matrix. The client and all those involved are very happy with the end result.