Over 34 Bosch LBC 3210/00 Line Array Loudspeakers were installed around the track
Bosch LBC 3210/00 Line Array loudspeakers provide excellent intelligibility even in noisy environments

In early 2013 Greg Harrison from go2show was asked by the Mildura Motor Cycle Club – Olympic Park Speedway to start planning for a new sound system to be installed during the redevelopment of the complex.

The club required for the track and the sound system to be world-class in order to be able to hold world-title meetings. Already known and respected around the world as a great club that breeds world-class riders, the Olympic Park speedway was now looking to cement its place in the world speed racing calendar.

After extensive research and subsequent consultation with Peter Hotson, Bosch Communications Systems, Greg Harrison opted for the LBC 3210/00 Line Array Loudspeakers. According to Mr Harrison “the loudspeakers have proven themselves to have been the best choice possible for this application. Their performance has exceeded well beyond expectation.”

34 Bosch LBC 3210/00 Line Array Loudspeakers were installed around the track with nearly a kilometre of cable required for the job. The speakers are suitable for outdoor applications and provide excellent intelligibility even in difficult and noisy environments. A speedway definitely fits this description.

Mr Harrison reported that during tests late last year, the speedway’s track commentator was literally “blown away” with how well the system sounded. “We tested for all circumstances including interview situations from within the spectator area in front of the speaker system. The commentator was even pleased with the intelligibility of presentation whilst in the centre of the track behind the speaker position. Thus eliminating the need for monitors for the commentators. Club members and spectators are freely complimenting on how good it sounds,” said Mr Harrison.

November 16th 2013 was the grand opening of the new track with the local world hero Phil Crump in attendance. A week later Mildura hosted the Oceania Sidecar Championship, which is the world championship for sidecars. Both the track and the speaker system performed beyond expectations and Bosch are proud to be providing clear quality sound broadcast to local, national and international visitors to the Mildura Olympic Park Speedway complex.