The Fire Detector and Advantage Line video system boast ease of operation and integration in various applications
The systems showcased included the fire detection alarm systems, video surveillance systems and Bosch integrated systems

Bosch’s Security and Communication products are well known for their reliability and quality, which attendees experienced first-hand during the launch event. Held at the magnificent Makati Shangri-La, the event was attended by approximately 100 guests consisting of developers, consultants, system integrators, dealers and end-users.

To showcase Bosch Security System’s extensive portfolio of security, safety and communication products, not only did they provide overview and insights of the various systems and solutions, live demonstrations were also included to show the reliability and accuracy of Bosch products. The systems and solutions showcased included the Fire Detection Alarm Systems, Video Surveillance Systems and Bosch Integrated Systems. The Fire Detector and Advantage Line video system demonstrations in particular, managed to impress the audience with the ease of operation and integration in various applications.

Stella Neo, General Manager of Bosch Security Systems Singapore & Export said: “The decision to set-up our office and launch the event in Philippines for the first time has clearly demonstrated the commitment of Bosch’s  presence and the need to be closer to the customer in the market place. This event provides us a platform to share and showcase the entire range of product/systems available from Bosch.”