Bosch Communications Systems exhibited the latest products from its Electro-Voice and Dynacord brands at AMAC,
Jon Hammond jams visits Electro-Voice stand at the event

The music products industry gathered again on Queensland’s Gold Coast for professional development sessions and a two-day trade show. Almost 500 professionals, covering a wide range of Australian music industry suppliers and retailers, took part at the Australian Music Association Convention – held at the ever-popular Jupiter’s Casino.

The convention featured a number of notable key speakers and accomplished musicians to keep attendees educated as well as entertained. Amongst the key figures were Larry Morton, current NAMM Chairman and President of Hal Leonard Corporation; Jon Hammond, renowned Hammond organ player and founder of the Jon Hammond Band; Ambre Hammond (no-relation to Jon) leading Australian piano musician and Guinness record holder for receiving Associate and Licentiate Diplomas of music at the age of 11; and Lloyd Spiegel, one of Australia’s leading blues guitarists.

Bosch Communications Systems, a regular at AMAC, exhibited the latest products from our Electro-Voice and Dynacord brands, including EV’s ZLX, ELX and ETX Powered Loudspeaker families, and Dynacord’s TS Vertical Array Cabinets, the tiny but feature-packed PM 502 Powered Mixer, and the versatile AXM 12A Coaxial Powered Monitor with onboard DSP.

For the first time in EV’s history, the brand had three “best-in-class” loudspeaker families on display covering entry-level through to pro-audio markets. ZLX loudspeakers are the number one selling powered speakers in the American market and have won Best of Show at NAMM 2013. The 2000-W ETX Powered Loudspeakers have been labeled as the most advanced product in its price range and have won Best of Show at NAMM 2014. Sitting in between is the ever-popular ELX range which represents a high-quality sound system at a mid-range price.

The ETX Powered Loudspeaker display drew a lot of attention during the show, including that of Jon Hammond, one of the finest B3 players in the world. Jon reminisced about his first experience with EV speakers back in 1964, when he installed EV SRO speakers in a Fender Bandmaster cabinet.

“I have a particular fondness for EV speakers. My very first pro amplifier was a 1964 blonde Fender Bandmaster in which I installed the white EV SRO Speakers. Yes, I lugged that 2 x 12 speaker box around everywhere and it was impossible to blow it up – my whole band would plug in to it, we thought in those days because the amp was called the Bandmaster that the whole band should plug in to it, bass and all – no problem, it was loud and clear!”

“The timing was perfect to have a session like that what we did – thank you so much for accommodating us with the superb EV powered speakers"

After swapping a few stories Jon was curious to see how his Hammond Sk1 would sound with the ETX loudspeakers. Following a quick connection via a Dynacord PowerMate 600, Jon belted a few tunes just before the close of day one of the exhibition. He promised to come back the following day with a jazz guitarist who turned out to be Chris Connolly, a well-known figure in the audio and music products industry. While setting up for the jam session Simon Ert, a jazz percussionist representing Gretsch drums on the neighbouring stand, volunteered to complete the trio. What followed was half an hour of cool jazz tunes and sweet sound.

“I love coming to the AMAC shows, in just a few years I have forged some lasting friendships and am fortunate enough to meet some really outstanding musicians,” said Jon. “The timing was perfect to have a session like that what we did – thank you so much for accommodating us with the superb EV powered speakers. I heard from friends who were all the way across the hall that they could hear us clear as a bell. It was so much fun, that’s the kind of thing I live for and only happens in a special place and people such as the EV stand at AMAC!”

Electro-Voice speakers were also present on the Casio Sound Technology stand. Two ZLX 12” powered speakers and a ZXA1 sub gave the Casio guys all they needed to show off their DJ and keyboard skills a few times each day. Needless to say, they were very happy with the sound as well.

Bosch Communications would like to thank AMAC, John Hammond, Chris Connolly, Simon Ert, and all the visitors and exhibitors for making AMAC 2014 an experience to remember!