The existing loudspeakers were also integrated into the new Bosch system
The integrated Bosch EVAX system combines alarm information with floor plans & emergency evacuation routes

Bosch Security Systems has just installed a state-of-the-art fire alarm system at the headquarters of Etisalat, the leading provider of telecommunications services in the United Arab Emirates. Etisalat supplies the UAE’s 4.2 million inhabitants with 4 million mobile connections, and has one of the highest saturation rates in the mobile sector worldwide.

The Etisalat headquarters in Abu Dhabi, including a 25-floor office building and a nine-floor parking garage, was equipped with five Modular Fire Panels 5000 Series, as well as 800 smoke and heat detectors. 30 duct smoke detectors were also installed in air ducts throughout the office tower, and manual call points were installed at each of the 100 exits. Modular construction will allow additional buildings and alarms to be integrated easily into the main system.

The centralised Building Integration System (BIS) is used to coordinate, operate, and monitor all of the alarm system components. In addition, the integrated Bosch Fire Telephone and Voice Evacuation (EVAX) system combines alarm information with floor plans and emergency evacuation routes.

Bosch partner GECO installed the new fire alarm system at the Etisalat headquarters, using the building’s existing wiring. Thanks to open standards, the existing loud speakers were also able to be integrated into the new system.