Bosch’s new fire panel UGM 2040 bridges the gap between present and future fire alarm systems
The new fire panel UGM 2040 has been awarded VdS certification and conforms now to EN54-standards

Bosch Security Systems has further developed its Universal Security System, and now presents the new UGM 2040 BMA model – a modular large-scale unit for complex fire alarm systems. The central server is capable of managing up to 200,000 data points, either via serial data paths or Ethernet as required. This makes it particularly suitable for large companies with a decentralized system structure, such as airports, banks, energy supply companies or large plants. The new fire panel UGM 2040 has been awarded VdS certification (G 213071) and conforms now also to EN54-standards.

Intuitive operation

The fire panel is operated centrally via up to ten color touchscreens for each system node. These touchscreens can either be integrated into a 19-inch system cabinet or positioned on a base for use in different locations. It offers scenario-oriented, intuitive operation including full text searching and numerous filter functions, providing a clear overview of even complex systems and rapid processing of alarm messages.

The display is fully compliant with all regulations and precisely defined user rights helps to avoid errors during operation.

IP networking via Ethernet

Thanks to its networking via Ethernet, the UGM 2040 bridges the gap between present and future fire alarm systems. The integrated serial interfaces permit the UGM 2040 to connect to existing fire detector systems or subsystems. The Ethernet standard is manufacturer-independent and is used worldwide. It serves as a common communication system to which additional functions, such as access control systems or video surveillance technology, can be linked via gateways or routers. Data is transferred and processed more quickly via Ethernet than in serial data transmission via telecommunication cables. This will enable future value-added services to be implemented in fire detection technology. One example here is a preventative diagnostics in sensors, allowing individual replacement and maintenance tasks to be planned more effectively. The UGM 2040 can equally serve as a central, cross-system control unit for automated processes in distributed, connected subsystems. In the event of a fire, for example, the system can be used to activate specific approach routes for the fire brigade from a central workstation.