The new system is engineered to meet the growing demand for innovations to assisy people suffering from dementia

C-TEC has launched a revolutionary range of dementia care products for use with its popular Quantec addressable call system.

Designed to meet the growing demand for innovations to assist people suffering from dementia, Alzheimers and other degenerative illnesses, C-TEC’s enuresis (bed wet) sensors, bed/chair exit sensors, PIR power interfaces, floor pressure mats and LED lights, can be easily interfaced to existing Quantec systems, thus representing excellent value for money.

The range is incredibly flexible. Systems can be created for specialist dementia sites using our new QT630 controller (typically one is used per bedroom) which includes all of the inputs, outputs, timers and power needed for other ancillary devices in the range - see example schematic below for details.

Trading at £250.00, the QT630 also comes with a number of configuration options, all geared towards giving patients the freedom and dignity they need to live their lives as normally as possible with as little intervention from carers as their conditions will allow. Alternatively, devices such as our new QT637 Enuresis/General Purpose Interface Socket and QT638 PIR Power Interface can be used to connect devices such as enuresis/bed wet sensors, passive infrared sensors and bed exit mats to Quantec systems already in operation.

The range was inspired by C-TEC’s involvement in designing a powerful dementia care solution for Norfolk & Suffolk Foundation NHS Trust’s Hammerton Court, a high-intensity 36-bed facility that is set to become a blueprint for other organisations seeking to create similar facilities.

“The Trust called upon C-TEC for assistance and, as one of the UK’s leading manufacturers of call systems and assistive technology, we were in a perfect position to assist,” says Charlotte Manley, C-TEC’s Sales Director: “We were delighted to be given the opportunity. Not only did it help us create an excellent solution, we were given a unique insight into the needs of dementia sufferers which will prove invaluable for future product developments”.

Said Robert Forster, Estates Manager at the Trust: “Hammerton Court is at the core of the Trust’s dementia care service and we were very impressed by C-TEC’s knowledge and expertise. The equipment installed is first-class and certain to contribute to our growing reputation as one of the leaders of outstanding dementia care.”