The new ZFP fire panel is available in three different sized cabinets
The new multi-loop ZFP fire panel is fully compiant with EN54 parts 2 & 4

As the UK prepares for its first Olympic Games since 1948, C-TEC is aiming to hit the ground running with a new range of touchscreen-controlled analogue addressable fire panels.

"There are a lot of parallels between the Olympics and our new multi-loop ZFP fire panel,” says C-TEC’s MD, Andrew Foster. “The culmination of four years’ hard work; everything coming together at just the right time; picking up the baton and taking it to the next level; peak performance just when it matters most. You name it, it’s all there with the ZFP.”

Available in three different sized cabinets, the ZFP is winning plaudits up and down the country following its appearance at a number of prestigious venues, not least Langtree Park, the new 18,000 capacity home of St Helens Rugby League Club.

Two networked ZFP panels are in operation at the site where it is fair to say their flexibility and ability to handle everything that is thrown at them is going down a storm.

“As a multi-purpose venue, the stadium requires different levels of fire protection depending on the event being staged,” explains Paul Turner, the installation engineer responsible for the site’s life safety systems, “As such, the ability to do things like quickly program a keyswitch on the panel’s front so users can swap between ‘matchday’ and ‘corporate’ protection in an instant makes life easier for all concerned. Moreover, the fact the panels will report any alarm conditions to the alphanumeric radio pagers of key personnel means incidents can be investigated prior to a decision being made on whether to implement the stadium’s site evacuation plan.”

And that’s just the tip of the iceberg! The ZFP’s modular construction and the availability of no less than 10 different programmable indicator and switch modules, eight different expansion ‘A-Bus’ PCBs and two stylish compact mini-repeaters for use in plush reception areas (see below for full details) means the panel can be tailored to fulfil the requirements of even the most complex of today’s sites.

"Need a fire panel with 200 separate zonal indicators and internet connectivity? Want 20 zonal indicators and five programmable keyswitches? Not a problem. How about an on-board printer, 16 input-output relays, alphanumeric paging and a network card so it can communicate with multiple other ZFP panels? Absolutely,” says Andrew Foster.

“The four years we have spent developing the ZFP have been well spent,” adds Andrew. “Not only have we acted upon user and installer feedback from a features and components point of view, we have also introduced a variety of new programming concepts that have helped us deliver a fire panel we believe ticks all the right boxes.”

Fully compliant with EN54 parts 2 & 4, the ZFP’s ‘Hi-Net’ high-integrity network can, for example, accommodate up to 128 nodes and up to 10,000 programmable and indicatable detection zones. Each panel also comes with a 4.3 inch full colour touchscreen which provides constant feedback on all aspects of system activity and makes interrogation of the ZFP and its 20,000 event log a breeze. Programming is also designed to be as simple as possible using the ZFP’s powerful PC programming tools.

  • XP95/Discovery versions of the ZFP will be available to purchase this Summer.

A unique "plug and play" approach

As well as having access to a range of ‘standard’ off-the-shelf ZFP panels, customers will be able to select a ZFP configuration to exactly suit their requirements for larger, more complex projects.

Three master cabinet sizes are available and all come with a Control and Display module, a two loop main PCB and a 3 or 5A EN54 PSU. Depending on the application and cabinet size selected, additional indicator and switch modules can be added (see options below), together with other options such as additional loop drivers, a network card, one or more A-BUS PCBs, flush mounting bezels and more!