Community D6 ceiling loudspeaker is retrofitted into an older enclosure in the lobby
Community CS4 covers the newly renovated restaurant and entrance, while R.15 COAX covers the pool and tennis court

Originally built in 1960 and now owned by the Tenaglia family, the Jolly Roger Motel is a New Jersey beach icon that has maintained its nostalgic character while upgrading its facilities, opening a pool-side restaurant and adding a modern audio system with Community loudspeakers.

The motel’s previous audio system had poor coverage and music quality and had deteriorated from years of exposure to the New Jersey shore’s winter weather. Its new audio system improves both music quality and coverage and uses Community loudspeakers designed to perform in extreme weather conditions.

Maintained motel’s nostalgic appearance while upgrading audio

Moyer Electronics of Pottsville, PA, designed and installed the new system beginning with four Community R.15 COAX loudspeakers to cover the pool. Paul Moyer of Moyer Electronics explains, “By placing all four of the R.15 loudspeakers on one side of the pool, we were able to get very good coverage while containing the sound in the pool area and minimising leakage out to the street and boardwalk.” A fifth R.15 COAX covers the tennis court in front of the motel. Three CS4 surface-mount loudspeakers serve the newly renovated restaurant and a fourth CS4 covers the entrance. To help maintain the motel’s nostalgic appearance, Moyer retrofitted a D6 ceiling loudspeaker into an older enclosure in the lobby.

A Shure mixer provides mic and music inputs and automatically mutes the music for a Mackenzie message repeater which informs guests of special events. The loudspeakers are powered by QSC amplifiers and a Community dSPEC DSP provides loudspeaker management. “The dSPEC’s FIR filters made it possible for us to maintain a very consistent sound quality from pool to lobby to tennis court,” said Moyer.

When the new owners purchased the Jolly Roger in 2014, they made a commitment to giving their guests the best possible experience at each and every stay. Moyer says the motel’s new audio system helps them maintain that commitment by providing high-quality music and voice paging throughout the motel while maintaining a discreet appearance.