Radio+ offers a fully featured analogue addressable fire detection and alarm system
The new system offers complete fire detection system without any cabled connection

Cooper Fulleon introduces a brand new wireless fire alarm & detection system which was revealed to the market for the first time at International Firex 2009.

Available in the UK from October 2009 and globally in early 2010, the system uses a new secure wireless system, providing a complete fire detection system without the need for a cabled connection between the field devices and the control panel.

The wireless technology offers unique advantages when compared to the installation of wired detection and alarm systems, such as fast and simple installation, low costs, and flexibility. Based on well proven components the detectors, sounders, beacons and call points give Radio+™ a highly reliable foundation into which the wireless technology has been integrated to provide a fully featured analogue addressable fire detection and alarm system. Radio+™ features the markets first wireless detector with integrated sounder & beacon, reducing the need for multiple devices. The system also boasts the longest signal range in the market measuring up to 2km in free air, limiting the amount of booster devices needed.

The development of Radio+™ has tracked the progress of the European standard EN54-25 "Fire detection and fire alarm systems. Components using radio links", and has therefore been designed to conform fully to all aspects of this document.