D 8 speakers offer great coverage despite the compact dimensions
Driving the 15 D 8 speakers installed around the institution’s auditorium are three Dynacord DSA 8206 power amps

The educational institution Brande Hojskole in Denmark has acquired a new Dynacord sound reinforcement system. To provide sound for the newly constructed auditorium, installation expert Ascon opted for 15 D 8 speakers, three DSA power amplifiers and two AXM 12A monitors, as well as a wireless microphone system from Electro-Voice. Brande Hojskole offers training courses for dyslexics, foreigners and young adults wanting to re-enter the schooling system.

At the end of 2014, Brande Hojskole opened a new building containing classrooms and dormitories for its students, as well as a large auditorium. For the latter, the high school commissioned Ascon to design and install a sound reinforcement system.

D 8 speakers offer great coverage despite the compact dimensions

“Everybody wants a system that offers superb sound quality. But in the case of Brande Hojskole, the requirements didn’t stop there,” recalls Freddy Korsgaard, Sales Manager at Ascon, the company commissioned with the design and installation of the system. “The demands of the architect required speakers that would harmonise with the aesthetics of the building and that could be recessed into the ceiling. We chose the D 8 because of its unique combination of size, sound quality and unobtrusive white design. Mechanically robust, the D 8 is versatile and offers great coverage despite its very compact dimensions.”

And it was these dimensions – together with its white coating – that convinced the high school. Freddy Korsgaard: “Between the ceiling panels and the actual ceiling, only a limited amount of space is available. Thanks to its compact dimensions, the D 8 fits wonderfully. And, with a weight of less than nine kilograms, the speaker is also incredibly light – an important feature when integrating a speaker into the ceiling.”

Driving the 15 D 8 speakers installed around the auditorium are three Dynacord DSA 8206 power amps with a very high, stable output. Two Dynacord AXM 12A monitors and a wireless microphone system from Electro-Voice complete the installation, along with a motorised projector and screen.

“We don’t leave until we are 100 percent sure the installation is complete, the sound optimised and the customer happy. In the case of the Brande Hojskole, the result isn’t just good, it’s perfect!” comments Korsgaard.

Located in the central area of the Jutland peninsula in Western Denmark, Brande Hojskole has occupied a special place in the Danish education system since 1993. Placing a special emphasis on the personal, cultural and linguistic development of each student, the high school additionally stresses the use of modern technologies and equipment in its daily work.