PROMATRIX 8000 eliminates the need to have separate systems to perform professional sound and voice alarm functionality
The PROMATRIX 8000 combines ProAudio and voice alarm system and is EN54-16 certified

DYNACORD, leading manufacturer of professional audio systems, announces that its PROMATRIX 8000 combined ProAudio and voice alarm system has achieved certification to the EN54-16 fire safety standard.

Released early in 2011, the PROMATRIX 8000 combines professional sound with voice alarm functionality to eliminate the need of venues having to rely on separate systems to perform these functions. EN54-16 certification of the system now provides these venues with the possibility of having an integrated audio standard voice alarm and public address system meeting the latest fire safety standards. 

Assuring safe solutions for voice alarm

Originally introduced as a European standard for fire alarm systems, EN 54 has now been extended to cover voice evacuation to meet a growing trend in the market towards integration of fire alarm and voice evacuation systems. Now, with the extension of this standard, all products used in a voice evacuation system that’s part of, or connected to, a fire alarm system, are subject to the European Construction Products Directive and by European law have to be certified according to the EN 54 fire alarm product standard.