Providing the sound reinforcement in Kazan’s Maximilian’s Brauerei are four flown VL212 and four sub 28
The main VariLine system and delay lines are controlled via the DSP manager

Named after Duke Maximilian of Bavaria, Maximilian’s Brauerei is a chain of restaurants in Russia. Located in seven cities from Samara across Ufa and Yekaterinburg to Novosibirsk, the brewery-restaurants offer traditional Bavarian beer and a large choice of German dishes. Additionally to weddings and birthdays, the authentic Bavarian brew houses are also a point of attraction for music lovers. Every night, the venues offer DJs or live music by Russia’s leading pop and rock bands.

For the operators of Kazan’s branch, the sound system should therefore offer the highest possible sound quality. “We were asked to install a reliable system that fits nicely into the venue’s atmosphere while also offering the flexibility to amend it depending on the evening’s event or band”, recalls Sergey Shishkov, Head of White Color Studio, the company charged with installing a sound reinforcement systems in all venues of Maximilian’s Brauerei. “For us, the largest challenge was to find a consistent solution while also keeping the large seating area and the low ceiling in mind.”

And the sound system that proved to be just right came straight out of Duke Maximilian’s home of Bavaria. Drawing on a history of nearly 70 years, Dynacord is one of the leading brands in professional audio. And it was Dynacord’s VariLine that proved to be the ideal solution for the challenging venue. Providing the sound reinforcement in Kazan’s Maximilian’s Brauerei are four flown VL212 and four sub 28. While the 2-way fullrange cabinet of the VL212 has been optimised acoustically and mechanically for multi-functional applications, the vented direct radiators of the Sub 28 were designed for subwoofer use in active multiway systems. Supplementing the main system as delay lines are six D8 speakers. Liliya Gainoutdinova, sound engineer at Maximilian’s Brauerei Kazan: “This way, the system can be used flexibly. If the main system does not provide enough headroom and coverage for an event, we can simply add delay lines.”

As monitors, Maximilian’s Brauerei relies on six AM 12 and two VL152; control of the speakers as well as the two H5000, two H2500 and two SL 1800 amps is handled via two DSP 260 sound system managers. “The main VariLine system and the delay lines are controlled via the DSP manager. This gives Maximilian’s Brauerei the expected frequency response and they don’t need to make any corrections”, says Shishkov. “Additionally, the DSP is effortless to use – the system can even be configured via a computer.” The overall result, according to Gainoutdinova is “fantastic”: “The system is incredibly flexible and reliable. But then again, we wouldn’t have expected anything else from Dynacord.”