The Polish city of Tarczyn relies on Dynacord sound system for new Communal Cultural Center
The system is powered by Dynacord PowerH 2500 amps with RCM-26 modules for remote control and supervision

The Polish city of Tarczyn inaugurated its new flagship: The Communal Cultural Center. The building includes a multifunctional auditorium with stage, a library, and a multimedia reading room, as well as departments of the city administration. The cultural hub of the center is the multifunctional auditorium, which seats up to 200 persons.

Given the prestige of the building, the expectations placed on the new sound reinforcement system were high. To meet these, general contracting company P.W. EBUD from the city of Bydgoszcz brought in Dynacord’s Polish distributor Tommex Zebrowscy. “As the auditorium is used for concerts, recitals, shows and public authority meetings, the stipulations for the sound system were therefore manifold,” recalls Piotr Wosiek, the head of Tommex’s office in Olsztyn. “It should be reliable and versatile while delivering the highest audio quality possible.” The decision came down in favor of Dynacord VariLine loudspeakers for the main sound reinforcement system of the auditorium, the stage monitor system and the dressing rooms.

The installed solution features two VL 212 and two VL 122 (downfill) speakers flown on the left and right of the stage, as well as two VL 262 as frontfills. To support the main sound system in the low frequency range, Tommex added two Dynacord Sub 28 subwoofers. On the stage itself, the Tommex team relied on eight Dynacord CXM 15 floor monitors and two VL 62 speakers, which can be used as sidefills. Off-stage, it is again Dynacord equipment that sets the tone. To keep the actors informed about the current action on the stage as well as for security reasons, each dressing room is installed with a WL 90 wall-mount speaker.

The entire system is powered by eight Dynacord PowerH 2500 amps equipped with RCM-26 modules for remote control and supervision. The VL 212 and VL 122 loudspeakers are driven in active, bi-amp mode while the VL 262 models are operated in passive mode. “The system sounds very linear and natural,” says Piotr Wosiek. “The audience area is tilted at a pretty steep angle, but thanks to the downfills we achieved an even coverage in the whole auditorium.” The highlight for Wosiek are the installed amplifiers. “Thanks to the PowerH amps fitted with RCM-26 modules, we could use the full processing power and were able to use the speakers’ FIR filter presets. The supervision and control of the system is operated by IRIS-Net software,” says Piotr Wosiek. “This is a huge advantage for the customer, as they are able to control the sound system from an individual user interface on a computer easily and intuitively.”