Audiopro provides complete solutions for emergency evacuation systems for stadiums, halls, and buildings
Audiopro offers a full range of professional PA sound systems for external and internal use

Prague-based pro audio company Audiopro has been appointed Electro-Voice and DYNACORD distributor as of October 1, 2012. Founded in 2002, Audiopro is a leader in professional A/V markets, communication, conferencing, broadcasting, and equipment transportation in the Czech Republic and Slovakia. Offering a full range of professional PA sound systems for external and internal use, Audiopro provides complete solutions for mobile/local wireless communication, wireless audio conferencing system, HD video conferencing system over IP, as well as emergency evacuation systems for stadiums, halls, and buildings. Previous Audiopro references include the O2 Arena, the new stadium of Slavia Prague, the National Theater (all in Prague), as well as various installations across the country.

To add Electro-Voice and DYNACORD products to the company’s portfolio is an honor, as Audiopro’s CEO Andrej Hronec confirms: “Electro-Voice and DYNACORD have always had a great reputation in our country, with products already being delivered before the Velvet Revolution. The opportunity to add these brands to our portfolio is another important milestone in the history of our company. Both are known for the quality of their products and their extraordinary reliability, as well as the first class technical support that their technical staff provide to system integrators during sound system design.”

According to Hronec, it is the combination of high quality and price-effective products and customer service that sets DYNACORD and Electro-Voice apart from other manufacturers. Andrej Hronec: “I don't think that many other brands take such good care of their customers as DYNACORD and Electro-Voice do. We are delighted to have been chosen among all others on the market and look forward to a long and successful cooperation.”

Audiopro’s staff comprises around 20 employees divided between management, the sales department (with six separate sections for musicians and DJs, studio and sound techniques, broadcasting and telecommunication, conference and presentation technologies, special techniques and equipment, and home multimedia), marketing, service, accounting, IT support, and logistics department.