Bridge Church’s system is processed by an Electro-Voice DC-One sound system controller
At Bridge Church, 4 ETX-15P loudspeakers are flown at front of stage, with ETX-10P acting as flown side fills and delays

The Bridge Church in Johannesburg, South Africa, recently upgraded its sound reinforcement system with Electro-Voice ETX powered loudspeakers, significantly improving sound quality and coverage in the 400-seat venue. The system was designed and installed by Johannesburg based EV partner Prosound.

The audio quality in a house of worship is very important: sermons need to be highly intelligible, while the music contributing to the service requires precise coverage. These are always challenges – especially if budget is limited. To ensure its sound system would clearly deliver both words and music to the congregation, the Bridge Church leadership recently invested in an upgrade of its sound reinforcement system. In 2012, EV partner Prosound installed an EV system with Sx300 speakers at the church, which according to Prosound’s Sales Consultant Victor Vermaak “provided better speech and music reproduction than had ever been experienced”. As a result, EV was first choice when it came to upgrading the existing installation. “The ideal solution came in the form of Electro-Voice ETX speakers,” says Vermaak. “The loudspeaker family combines intelligent technology and innovative industrial design and allowed us to provide flawless sound quality, precise coverage and high intelligibility while remaining within budget.”

New sound system

At Bridge Church, four ETX-15P loudspeakers are flown at the front of the stage, with ETX-10P cabinets acting as flown side fills and delays. Six ultra-compact S-40 loudspeakers serve as front fills to add high frequency coverage for the first few rows, while two ETX-18SP and two ETX-15SP subwoofers handle the majority of the low-end enhancement. Bridge Church’s system is processed by an Electro-Voice DC-One sound system controller, which handles all time alignment and equalisation over the system and ensures user-friendly supervision and control.

“The technicians at Bridge Church are overwhelmed by the high-level technology now installed in their venue,” comments Vermaak, “and this on a budget that they thought would never provide the coverage of sound that they received.” Bridge Church’s Pastor Trevor Coleman is more than satisfied with the new sound solution, saying, “We have been pleasantly surprised by the powerful yet rich quality sound that could be expected from a higher end system at a reasonable price.”