Bosch Security Systems (Electro-Voice parent company) team worked on a detailed EASE simulation report on the audio coverage across the entire showroom space
Bosch proposed installing EVID flush-mount 4.2FM for video wall and EVID C4.2 speakers for the entire showroom ceiling

Renowned automobile brand Audi is a pioneer in the industry. Over the years, it has constantly developed cutting-edge technologies and engineering solutions to produce luxurious, stylish, and powerful cars.

The client, Audi (Jubilant Motorworks) wanted to build a state-of-the-art 10,000 sq. ft. showroom in St Marks Road, one of Bengaluru’s most central and prime locations. In keeping with its exclusive brand and customer experience, the client was planning to install a superior sound system for the showroom. The system designed primarily as a background music source to cater for company-related videos playing on a video wall located at the end of the showroom.

Audi (Jubilant Motorworks) requested for two kinds of speaker setups – a premium two-way ceiling loudspeaker and a concealed flush-mount speaker on either sides of the video wall.

However, the audio needed to be projected from the video screen towards the audience rather than from the ceiling—an important detail that would add to Audi’s entire customer experience.

Electro-Voice EVID speakers provide crystal clear audio

Keeping the clients’ requirements in mind, the Bosch Security Systems (Electro-Voice parent company) team worked on a detailed EASE (Enhanced Acoustic Simulator for Engineers) simulation report on the audio coverage across the entire showroom space. The results showed that the EVID series was the best choice.

In line with this, Bosch proposed installing the EVID flush-mount 4.2FM for the video wall. It was the only speaker that could fit nicely on either sides of the video wall to provide crystal clear audio – neatly overcoming the structural issues. For the ceiling speakers, the Bosch team recommended EVID C4.2 ceiling speakers to maintain uniform audio coverage for the entire showroom ceiling.

Audi (Jubilant Motorworks) was extremely satisfied with the result – a stunning state-of-the-art showroom with top-quality audio – completely befitting a renowned automobile brand with a reputation for luxury, style, and performance. It was also pleased with the support provided by Bosch Security Systems and the installer BCSP M/S Hansa Pictures. The client was so impressed with the team’s stellar work that it commissioned Bosch’s services for another showroom project, the ultra-luxury car Maserati on MG Road, with a complete Electro-Voice setup.

Today, Audi Bengaluru is the go-to car dealership for sleek, sophisticated, and technologically advanced automobiles. With a generous display area, the dealership offers its exclusive clientele a premium space to select from the full range of Audi cars available in India.