To ensure that auditorium had even SPL coverage, Bosch/EV team also worked on detailed Electro-Acoustic Simulation Software model
The ATME college auditorium has been fitted with EVU2082/95-B loudspeakers in a left-centre-right configuration running on Q99 amplifiers

Established in 2007, the ATME College of Engineering is a landmark institution in the field of education and is known as one of the top engineering colleges in Mysore, Karnataka, India. Spread across 20 acres of lush green land, it employs the latest teaching techniques and features the best facilities such as seminar halls and auditoriums.

The ATME College of Engineering was planning to develop a state-of-the-art campus with the latest and most modern educational facilities. In line with this, the client was looking for a superior audio system for its new auditorium. The sound system had to be aesthetically pleasing, compact and, more importantly, be loud enough to provide clear, crisp audio to the entire hall.

However, the low ceiling height of the auditorium posed a major challenge in selecting the right size of speakers as bigger speakers would be too obtrusive and smaller speakers would not deliver adequate audio coverage and volume.

Electro-Voice EVU2082/95-B loudspeakers

Taking the client’s requirements and the low ceiling into consideration, the Bosch Security Systems team (Electro-Voice parent company) worked closely with ATME College of Engineering to find the best audio system. After recommending various sound systems to the client, Chairman, L. Arunkumar, ATME College Engineering finally decided on the EVU series of loudspeakers from Electro-Voice for its excellent technical specifications. A cutting-edge audio system, the EVU series met all the client’s objectives in terms of size, aesthetics, and power.

To ensure that the auditorium had even sound pressure level (SPL) coverage, the Bosch/EV team, along with partner M/S Hansa Pictures, also worked on a detailed Electro-Acoustic Simulation Software (EASE) model.

The auditorium at the ATME College of Engineering has now been fitted with EVU2082/95-B loudspeakers in a left-centre-right configuration running on Q99 amplifiers. An R300 wireless lapel and handheld mics as well as an RE90P podium gooseneck microphone have also been installed. With the new sound system, students at the ATME College of Engineering will benefit from clear, crisp presentations and speeches.