64 EVA-2082S/PI weather-resistant line array and 24 EVID 6.2T compact surface-mounted loudspeakers were installed
The venue selected Electro-Voice solutions for their clear and even audio coverage

End User:

With a capacity of over 40,000, the ultra-modern, multifunctional Riau Main Stadium in Pekanbaru, Indonesia took over two years to build and is designed for both major sporting events and concerts. The stadium satisfies the very highest international standards for “elite stadiums” and is designated as the main venue for all home matches of the Indonesia National Games in 2012. On top of that, it is the first stadium in the country qualified enough to host international competitions, such as the recent AFC finals held in July, 2012.

Business Objective:

Among the criteria prospective “elite stadiums” need to satisfy, sound system quality is one of the most important. The stadium required a large number of loudspeakers to be evenly distributed around the entire venue to ensure high quality intelligible sound in all areas. They also needed perfect control, ease of operation and hassle-free maintenance of the sound systems. Due to the size of the project, overall cost was also an important factor to the stadium management, both in terms of initial value for money and ongoing maintenance costs. After conducting several simulations and comparisons, the stadium opted for Electro-Voice solutions.


The venue opted for EV thanks to a combination of key elements, including clear and even audio coverage, the remote control and supervision of each loudspeaker individually via IRIS-Net software, and the numerous world-class references EV was able to provide.

64 EVA-2082S/PI weather-resistant line array and 24 EVID 6.2T compact surface-mounted loudspeakers were installed, powered and processed by eight CPS 4.10 power amplifiers and supervised by IRIS-NET software via the UCC-1 CAN-bus controller. The loudspeakers are positioned at strategic areas around the stadium to ensure consistent coverage around the entire facility. The IRIS-Net software allowed for a multitude of possibilities for the configuration, operation, and supervision of the system. For example, an interface tailored to the exact needs of the end-user can be clearly and intuitively laid out, allowing all parameters of the installation to be accessed from a single central location. Also, the CPS multi-channel amplifiers used to drive the EVA loudspeakers offer a comprehensive safety switching package, the possibility of supervising the impedance of the connected loudspeaker enclosures, remote control via an optional RCM-810 module, and Variable Load Drive.

Customer Benefits:

Beyond exceptional audio quality coupled with an affordable price, IRIS-Net allows the fine-tuning to provide a high level of intelligibility and the ability to control and supervise every cabinet individually. Impeccable service from the regional EV distributors in helping the design and tuning of the overall system also enhanced the value gained by the end-user.

“This is the first major stadium project in Indonesia which uses a line-array system of this kind and we believe this will be the standard for future stadium installations.” Pediarto Adiwibowo, PT. Pesky Rekayasa Mediatama