22 of the Electro-Voice EVH loudspeakers were suspended from the roof trust, firing down to the lower seating bowl
A combination of Electro-Voice EVH-1152, ZX5PI and EVF-1122 loudspeakers were determined for differently shaped stands at Patersons

Patersons Stadium kicked off the launch of the 2014 football season with a new Electro-Voice sound system. The home to Australian Football League in Perth, Western Australia, announced the upgrade of the Stadium’s audio-visual system earlier in 2013.

Through acoustic modelling, Bosch/EV’s Bryan Davidson determined that the most suitable loudspeaker solution was with the combination of EVH-1152, ZX5PI and EVF-1122 loudspeakers, for the variety of differently shaped stands at Patersons. 22 of the EVHs were suspended from the roof trust, firing down to the lower seating bowl.

“The EVH is a fantastic loudspeaker as it maintains pattern control down to 500 Hz, allowing sound to be focused on the targeted audience and kept off the field of play”, commented Mr. Davidson. EVF loudspeakers were chosen for the upper seating level as it only had a short throw distance from source to listener. Electro-Voice custom built 120-degree HF dispersion was used to act as a low-Q device for the short throw.

Electro-Voice ZX5 weatherised versions were used for the seating areas underneath the newly installed score board which also has a relatively short throw.

All loudspeakers were driven by CPS4.10 multi-channel amplifiers and all included RCM-810 remote control DSP modules, allowing the loudspeaker systems and amplifiers distributed over the three rack locations to be easily monitored and supervised remotely. The RCMs also have the ability to switch the amplifiers to standby, thereby saving energy when not in use.

The overall combination was a great success as reflections were minimised within the stadium thanks to the careful selection of EVH, EVF, and ZX5 combination loudspeakers. The general manager at Patersons, Gavin Taylor, was very impressed with the upgrade of the historical stadium. “As stadium operators we are always looking for ways to improve the fans’ experience at the stadium. The recent installation of new screens and sound system has provided fans with a state of the art audio visual experience.

“The project was delivered within tight timeframes and installed into a difficult to access stadium, which reflected the effective planning from Audio Source and Bosch/EV for the project. We are extremely pleased with the quality and consistency of the sound now being produced and importantly we have received great feedback from both the Clubs and fans,” commented Mr. Taylor.

In conclusion, Mr. Taylor stated, “Audio Source and Bosch/EV have delivered a great outcome for the stadium from both a financial and quality perspective and we thank them for their professional service during the process.”