Bass frequencies are supplied via six EV QRx 218S subwoofers
EVF-1122D 12-inch 2-way loudspeakers are ceiling-hung above bar, radiating outwards to fill dance floor, VIP booths and seating

In the tourism paradise of the Caribbean, an exciting club scene is the perfect evening counterpoint to fun in the sun by day. Trinidad-based Streamline Systems has developed a reputation for designing great-sounding, visually unique spaces throughout the region, most recently with Club Next on their home island.

“This is the third night club we’ve done for Princess International Group,” notes Mike Pereira, Streamline’s Field Director. “They were so happy with the sound at our Club Next installation in Suriname, we knew we could rely on the same EV loudspeaker systems and adapt them to this new and different space.”

Club Next Trinidad is notable for its circular bar surrounding an elevated performance stage in the centre of the room. “It’s primarily a DJ club, but with the ability to go live when needed,” explains Pereira. “To avoid feedback, we aimed the main speakers outward from above the bar, then set up a separate zone of speakers for the stage, which can be used as monitors.”

Contributes to customer experience

The 11 main loudspeakers are all EVF-1122D, a powerful 12-inch, 2-way design. Eight are ceiling-hung above the bar, radiating outwards to fill the dance floor, VIP booths and seating around the room. Two more speakers are aimed at the raised stage and one is dedicated to the DJ booth.

“The mains are hung right above the bartenders, so the sound fills the room, but the customers don’t have to shout their drink orders. Little touches like that really contribute to the customer experience,” says Pereira. “We love the EVF-D speakers in nightclubs, because they sound amazing and run cool at high sound pressure levels. The fact that EV makes them in six dispersion patterns means that we can always find the right speaker for the hang positions dictated by a club’s layout and our sound design.”

Bass frequencies are supplied via six EV QRx 218S subwoofers. Four of these compact dual 18-inch boxes are located directly in front of the DJ booth at the back of the club, with the remaining two placed at opposite end for sonic balance. The final requirement was to bring the music to the outdoor lounge area. For that task, Streamline Systems selected three EV ZX3/90 speakers, a weatherised full-range design built to withstand Trinidad’s constant heat and humidity. The entire installation is powered by nine EV CPS 2.12 amplifiers.

Right speaker and dispersion for any situation

With a constant stream of commercial installations in nightclubs, restaurants and casinos and in Central and Sound America, Streamline Systems has come to rely on Electro-Voice as its preferred loudspeaker brand. “We believe in the sound quality, love the reliability and we get great factory support,” explains Pereira. “EV has the right speaker and dispersion for any situation. They deliver all the output you can ask for, and they have so much reserve power running at 8 ohms that they are lasting forever in these installations. As an integrator, I really love that.”