Electro-Voice main XLD line-arrays with XCS312 subwoofers were selected for their distinctively clear audio quality
The loudspeaker system installed includes main XLD line-arrays with XCS312 subwoofers

The Tokyo Metropolitan Theatre was opened in Toshima-ward in Tokyo in October 1990, and boasts a large, 1,999-seat classical music concert hall, an 834-seat playhouse for drama and dance, and 2 smaller halls called “Theatre East” and “Theatre West.” Because the acoustics, lighting, staging, and interior had deteriorated, the theatre underwent one year and five months of full renovations beginning in 2011. Products from five companies were also impartially considered for the new Playhouse speaker system.

High-quality reproduction of music and sound effects is a critical aspect of performances held in the Tokyo Metropolitan Theatre Playhouse, a venue for drama, musicals, opera, etc. Thus, the speakers were selected by comparing them in Saitama Arts Theater, not only by considering price, but also by focusing on whether the speakers could deliver high-quality sound. As a result, the theatre decided on Electro-Voice loudspeaker systems (including main XLD line-arrays with XCS312 subwoofers) for their distinctively clear audio quality.

The Playhouse speaker system has been highly praised for its excellent quality by many involved in the theatre. Mr. Koichi Ishimaru, Stage Management Director, Tokyo Metropolitan Theatre, Tokyo Metropolitan Foundation for History and Culture said, “Many people concerned with acoustics such as Tokyo Metropolitan Theatre First Artistic Director Mr. Hideki Noda, theater director Mr.Yukio Ninagawa, and playwright/director Mr. Koki Mitani praised the audio quality of the Playhouse as one of the best, and expressed their desire to hold this high level of audio quality into the future.”