Electro-Voice loudspeakers are easy to use, clear audio, modular, and aesthetically stylish
Electro-Voice EVID 4.2 and ZX1i speakers deliver requisite SPLs to seven zones within the restaurant

1-Rochester Group recently unveiled their revamped restaurant UNA within lush, landscaped, modern gardens. UNA’s French chef has created a menu showcasing French, Spanish and Italian dishes, and Procom Engineering has created an exceptional solution for the restaurant, at the request of Wei Tan from Suite Interior Design. Surface-mounted Electro-Voice EVID 4.2 and ZX1i speakers (driven by Q66 amplifiers) together with portable ZXA1-Sub powered subwoofers deliver the requisite SPLs to seven zones within the restaurant.

Owing to the area being largely residential, the Procom Engineering team was sensitive when positioning the loudspeakers in the four outdoor garden zones. “We have angled the speakers inwards and away from the apartments,” explained business development manager Jonathan Rajan. “We have only installed the smaller EVID 4.2 dual-four-inch models in the peripheral zones. The facility manager can measure the SPLs out here during events, and can instantly lower the volume via the controller should it be too excessive.”

Having sampled a number of various loudspeaker brands over the years, the Procom Engineering team is loyal to EV for a number of reasons; they are easy to use, modular, and aesthetically stylish, and their high-quality, warm, clear audio lends itself well to the various tastes of their clients.