Bosch Security Certified Partner Hansa Pictures Pte Ltd and Bosch Pro-Sound team installed Electro-Voice loudspeakers at Troika
Electro-Voice sound helps enhance the vivacious and chic ambience throughout Troika

Troika is a new resto-bar concept by HNS Hotels Pte Ltd, operator of other food and beverage brands such as Zaica, Chefs Gallery, and Pathankot. Troika, Bangalore is a spacious resto-bar with an indoor fine dining area and an outdoor terrace. To help create a vivacious and chic ambience, a powerful sound system was required to deliver premium audio quality. To extend the audio experience throughout the venue, there was also a need for weatherproof speakers for the outdoor terrace.

The management of Troika chose Electro-Voice over competitive brands after being thoroughly impressed by the ease of use the system offered – its simple plug-and-play setup was the main draw. Working closely with Bosch Security Certified Partner Hansa Pictures Pte Ltd and the Bosch Pro-Sound team, the following products were installed: a pair of weatherised ZX5-90PI loudspeakers along with a Tour X TX2181 subwoofer to cover the entire outdoor terrace area, a pair of ZX1i loudspeakers in the indoor fine dining area, and Q series amplifiers to power the whole system. A DC-One processor was also installed to centrally control the entire system. PL80a microphones are used by the DJs to engage the crowds.

Professional performance combined with user-friendly operation and aesthetically pleasing design made EV products an easy choice for the management of Troika, where they help create a pitch-perfect audio ambience while blending in seamlessly with the resto-bar’s contemporary styling.