Electro-Voice’s XLC speakers produce high sound pressure levels, making them perfect for rock music
OMNEO-based XLC127DVX and Xsub subwoofers with TG5/7 amplification and RCM-28 DSPs were deployed

Electro-Voice provided the first concert system to utilise OMNEO media networking technology at a live stage for Myanmar’s Songkran festival in April this year. The Songkran festival is also known as the water festival and it marks the start of the new year in Myanmar. This year, Kabar Aye Pagoda Road was lined with performance stages and platforms where the organisers could splash water on passing vehicles and people as part of the cleansing ritual to welcome the new year.

Prior to the celebrations, the EV team and installer Pink Khine Zin had to determine the site dimensions and requirements. The information was then keyed into EV’s Line Array Prediction Software (LAPS) to determine the number of speakers needed to produce optimal sound for the performance. For outdoor stage setups, sonic directivity, loudness, and consistency are very important. The LAPS is used to generate optimal angles between each XLC speaker element as part of the entire line array. Once that detail is covered, the speakers and amplifiers can be mounted for setup. Finally, with all the presets tuned correctly and sound testing completed, the system is ready to rock.

The owners of the stage wanted loud, clear, and consistent sound, as this was the only stage with a live band setup along the whole festival stretch. To ensure that they stood out from the crowd while not disturbing the nearby residential areas and commercial properties, the owners opted to use the EV professional sound systems. The OMNEO-based XLC127DVX and Xsub subwoofers with TG5/7 amplification and RCM-28 DSPs were deployed to meet this demand.

XLC compact line arrays have a proven record of performance and reliability at festivals and concerts, whether indoors or outdoors. All XLC modules incorporate Quik-Rig hardware for fast set-up and tear-down, making them ideal for outdoor stage setups. The XLC speakers produce consistent sound coverage and high sound pressure levels, making them perfect for rock music.

The Xsub is a high output line array subwoofer system that can be flown or ground-stacked. Its unique rigging allows for quick venue load-in and out.

The Tour Grade TG7 is a high-powered performance amplifier developed for the demands of top-level tours. It is rugged and has a lightweight package designed for the most demanding applications in both touring and installed sound. These ultra-reliable amplifiers offer a unique combination of output power, sonic excellence, and high efficiency – all in a compact, lightweight format that's ideal for life on the road.

The RCM-28 Remote Control Module is a two-channel digital controller module for live sound reinforcement, PA, and fixed installation applications. The module can be used in EV Tour Grade amplifier models. Installing the RCM-28 turns a conventional amp into a remote amplifier, which, at any time, provides complete overview of the overall system status and control of all system parameters. RCM-28 modules allow the integration of amplifiers into an OMNEO network with up to 100 devices in a single subnet without additional hardware.

Outdoor stage setups come with its set of challenges. The festival stage was setup to be 3.4 meters above the ground; this meant the speakers needed to be tilted at extreme down angles to project the sound towards the audience to immerse them in the live music. Without precise line array prediction, all the sound would have been projected above the audience’s heads. Subwoofers were also strategically placed to direct the bass to the ground.

In addition, the sound system had to withstand the challenges of being used at an outdoor stage at a water festival! It was important to keep the speakers away from accidental sprays of water while not impeding sound quality. April is one of the hottest months in Myanmar and under these conditions the ambient heat of 40 degrees Celsius meant the TG amplifiers were running on full steam throughout the four-day event. The ruggedness of the EV sound solution was put to the test, braving the elements while impressing the crowd and local celebrities that were invited to perform on the stage with its superb sound quality. The band, Pho Ther (Guardians), was exceptionally impressed with how the EV sound system complemented their music and enhanced the whole performance experience.