Electro-Voice EVF-2151D dual-15 inch subwoofers were distributed around Margaret Court for low-frequency subwoofer augmentation
Electro-Voice EVH horn-loaded loudspeakers were suspended from gantry and aimed down towards audience area

As part of Melbourne Park’s multi-million dollar transformation, Margaret Court Arena was selected for major upgrades to keep the renowned tennis venue thriving. The major upgrades included the installation of a retractable roof, additional seating to increase crowd capacity to 7,500, and a brand-new sound system.

Marshall Day was responsible for designing the perfect sound solution. Having prior experience with the extensive Electro-Voice range of pro audio equipment, once again the brand was primarily specified for the new sound system.

With the deadline of the Australian Open 2014 commencing in early January, EV had the mission of manufacturing, supplying and commissioning the sound system equipment before the event commenced.

Marshall Day based their design on EVH horn-loaded loudspeakers which were to be suspended from the gantry and aimed down towards the audience area. These speakers had to be positioned in certain places as dictated by the architect, which Bosch’s Bryan Davidson verified using EASE modelling. Partnering these, the versatile, punchy EVF-2151D dual-15 inch subwoofers were distributed around Margaret Court for low-frequency subwoofer augmentation. These subwoofers share a similar footprint to the EVHs, so they couple up nicely and look aesthetically pleasing.

Further to the main system for the audience, very tight coverage was required to ensure announcements to players on the court could be heard quite easily. To overcome this, a coverage pattern of 40° x 30° EVH loudspeakers were installed, directed down onto the court.

The EVH system was all powered using CPS4.10 amplifiers along with RCM-810 DSP modules. These were all permanent installation versions and white coloured, which maintained the architectural aesthetic of the venue.

The installation was completed in time for the Australian Open and was a great success. “The sound was crystal clear and stunning, and everybody commented on how fantastic Margaret Court now sounds,” stated Mr. Davidson.


  • 22 x EVH-1152S-PIW
  • 10 x EVF1152S-PIW
  • 6 x EVF-2151D-PIW
  • 12 x CPS4.10
  • 12 x RCM-810