EV loudspeakers feature a dual element vertical line array that achieves remarkable levels of clarity and intelligibility
The bulk of the installation is made up of 45 Sx600 loudspeakers from Electro-Voice

Doha, the capital of the State of Qatar, is fast establishing a reputation as one of the Middle East’s leading sporting metropolises. Along with association football, handball and tennis, the sport of cricket is enjoying a surge of popularity in the city. To take account of growing interest in the sport, a new stadium, the Qatar Cricket Stadium, was built recently in the municipality of Al Rayyan. The stadium is part of an entertainment complex that includes restaurants and a cinema. With a capacity of 13,000 spectators, the Qatar Cricket Stadium satisfies the highest international standards.

That is true not only of the sporting facilities but also of the stadium’s sound system. For the installation, the stadium operators commissioned the Doha-based specialist Helmet Trading and Contracting – one of the finest addresses in the region for sound reinforcement. After conducting a variety of tests and head-to-head comparisons, the company opted – with the full agreement of the stadium management – for a sound reinforcement solution from Electro-Voice. There were several reasons for this decision, as Mahmoud Fahmawi, Helmet’s Project Manager, explained: “First of all, the quality of Electro-Voice equipment is outstanding. Secondly, it represents the finest possible value for money. And thirdly, after a whole series of prestige installations in sporting venues throughout the world, Electro-Voice has an unassailable lead in the field of stadium sound reinforcement.” A further factor was the tremendous support Electro-Voice provides. “Tony Sawyer from Electro-Voice’s Tech Support Team was present to share his advice and expertise with us during the tuning of the system,” added Fahmawi. “This enabled us not only to do the job right, but also to have the system up and running ahead of the tight deadline.”

The bulk of the installation is made up of 45 Sx600 loudspeakers from Electro-Voice. These feature a dual element vertical line array that achieves remarkable levels of clarity and intelligibility. These are complemented in the VIP area by six Sx300 cabinets, with twelve Electro-Voice CPS 4.10 and one CPS 8.5 amplifier providing the power. The installation is governed by an Electro-Voice NetMax N8000 digital matrix controller, which, since all the amplifiers are equipped with RCM-810 remote modules, is able to control and supervise every signal remotely. Thanks to the use of IRIS-Net software, a custom-designed graphic user interface provides the operator with instant access at any time to all key parameters. It also offers a user-friendly way of applying digital signal processing or equalization to the various signals.

In the commentary booth, a CMS 1600 mixing console from Electro-Voice’s sister company DYNACORD is much in evidence, alongside an REV wireless microphone system from Electro-Voice for maximum flexibility.

“For the time being, the stadium is uniquely a venue for cricket matches,” says Fahmawi, “but because of the rave reviews the facilities are attracting, there is talk now of broadening its use. Not only the architecture, but also the equipment installed in the stadium commend it as an attractive alternative for a variety of other events, and the numerous enquiries the stadium operators have been receiving make it likely that, whilst cricket matches will continue to make up its core business, there will soon be other strings in the Qatar Cricket Stadium’s bow.”