Bosch team worked closely with Ms Active Sound and the church committee to find a sound system that would deliver a good sound transmission index (STI) and low reflected sound
EV XLD281 line array, XCS312 subwoofer, Q series amplifiers, DC-One, ELX112P monitors & ZX1-90 portable speaker were installed

In Northeast India, religion plays an important part in the lives of the people, and many regularly attend places of worship. Located in Aizawl, Mizoram, the Zemabawk Presbyterian Church is well-loved by its congregation. Seven services a week, parishioners gather at the church for worship, prayers, and hymns.

The worship service at the Zemabawk Presbyterian Church, like all other Churches in the region, requires an excellent quality sound system. Congregational praise and worship are led by a group using a fusion of traditional and contemporary musical instruments, accompanied by traditional worship dance. However, poor acoustics caused by the church’s high ceilings and marble surfaces were affecting the sound quality and speech intelligibility. In addition, the wide breadth of the hall made it difficult for the music to be equally and adequately dispersed. Faced with these problems, the client sought a system to provide directional sound and uniform coverage throughout the length and breadth of the hall. Having previously witnessed first-hand the quality of the Electro-Voice sound systems, it was no surprise that the client turned to Bosch Security System (Electro-Voice parent company).

Electro-Voice sound system with good sound transmission index

Keeping in mind the client’s requirements, the Bosch team worked closely with Mr Hmingthan Siama from Ms Active Sound and the church committee to find a sound system that would deliver a good sound transmission index (STI) and low reflected sound. In addition, the team conducted site visits to other churches equipped with Electro-Voice sound systems so the client could experience first-hand their quality. To better help the committee envision the performance of the proposed system, the Bosch team provided Electro-Acoustic Simulation Software (EASE) to simulate the venue acoustics and sound performance in the hall.

After reviewing several products, the client settled on the XLD281 main line array loudspeaker system augmented with an XCS312 flying subwoofer, powered by Q series amplifiers, processed by a DC-One, and supported with ELX112P floor monitors and an ZX1-90 portable speaker. These were installed by the Bosch team and the installer Ms Tech Shop at Zemabawk Presbyterian Church.

Electro-Voice XLD line arrays and XCS subwoofer

With the new sound system, worshippers at the church now enjoy crisp, clear audio during sermons and performances wherever they are in the hall. Sound quality has also vastly improved, with less sound being reflected off the ceilings and walls.

“The XLD line arrays and XCS subwoofer deliver beautiful sound. The high frequency produced from each line array cabinet is very clean and in perfect harmony with the lows and mids,” says Dr. David C. Vanlalfakawma, Secretary, Light & Sound Committee of Zemabawk Presbyterian Church. “The XCS312 subwoofer has a very tight, low response and works very well for a church setup. The product is very good overall and I am fully satisfied with the performance.”