The new EV EVF system replaced ground-stacked boxes on either side of the platform against the side walls
The installed system incorporated cluster of EVF-2151D sub with two EVF-1122S/94 mid-highs

The Adelaide Christian Centre, or Sturt Street Church as it is more commonly known, is part of the CRC Churches International Group. Located in the heart of Adelaide, the Church was established in 1945 by Pastor Leo Harris. From humble beginnings it grew across South Australia, other Australian states, and then to international missions. At the time of Pastor Harris’ passing in the late 70’s, the group was the largest Pentecostal Church in Australia.

The Church has a strong musical tradition with many prominent artists gracing its stage. In recent times a decision was made to upgrade an aging sound system at the Sturt Street location. Pastor Ben Bonython was involved in the process and selected Total Electronic Contracting (TEC) to provide a suitable solution.

“The Sturt Street Church was an interesting challenge. The ‘fan’ shaped layout and glass windows along the back were two critical factors,” says Keith Ellison, Sales Engineer from TEC. “The other main consideration was the size of the budget. We had to come up with something that filled a medium-sized church with quality sound and did not break the bank.”

FOH system built around front-loaded EVF speaker systems proposed

After inspecting the site with Phill Webb, EV Sales Engineer with Bosch Communications, Keith proposed an FOH system built around front-loaded EVF speaker systems from the EV-Innovation family. Having used the versatile EV-Innovation products on many occasions, Keith was confident the result would be excellent.

The new EVF system replaced ground-stacked boxes on either side of the platform against the side walls. According to Phill Webb, “the old system provided a very uneven coverage of the room, particularly in the centre, and being mounted quite low provided a degree of ‘slap’ off the rear glass wall at varying intervals.”

Even coverage across the room

The new system saw a central cluster suspended from the roof in the centre of the room just forward of the platform. This location allowed for the system to be angled down to reduce reflections of the rear glass wall and to provide more even coverage across the room while providing improved coverage in the centre. The installed system incorporated a cluster of an EVF-2151D sub with two EVF-1122S/94 mid-highs providing a 90 x 40 degree coverage pattern on either side. CPS 2.12 and CPS 2.6 Contractor Precision Series class-H power amplifiers were utilised to power the cluster, while a DC-One sound system processor was installed in the rack to control the loudspeakers.

Improved sonic performance

From all reports, the improved sonic performance of the system has gained positive response from the congregation at the church. The intelligibility at the back and sides of the church is high and the angles of the loudspeaker positions and their coverage have drastically reduced reflection off the glass wall.

“We are very pleased with the end result,” said Pastor Ben Bonython. “The band has noticed the big difference, as have the pastors, support staff, and most of all, the congregation. The sound is clear and carries well to all parts of the floor. Big thanks go to TEC who we found to be accommodating and super helpful, willing to assist us and work with us throughout the entire process.”