Gamewell will integrate Alertus’ audible and visual notification devices and IP network command software
Alertus' solutions easily integrate with the Gamewell-FCI's E3 Series® of fire alarm and othet ECS

Gamewell-FCI by Honeywell has expanded its fire alarm and emergency communications (a.k.a. mass notification) systems offerings through the integration of audible and visual notification devices and IP network command software from Alertus Technologies. Utilising any number of hard-wired and wireless methods, Alertus’ wall-mounted Alert Beacons®, text-to-speech interface modules, digital signage and computer desktop alerts can integrate seamlessly with the E3 Series® of fire alarm and other emergency communications systems (ECS) from Gamewell-FCI.

Alert Beacons are designed to be selectively mounted throughout buildings without existing speakers to make it possible to cost-effectively retrofit for emergency notification. The integrated flashing strobes and sounder alerts occupants in a wide area, drawing them to notification messages displayed on a large integrated LCD screen. Within facilities equipped with speakers, Alert Beacons effectively serve the deaf and hard-of-hearing.

Gamewell-FCI appears to be the first in the fire industry to introduce integrated text-to-speech technology with its E3 Series systems. A unique text-to-speech (TTS) module from Alertus is designed to broadcast written messages as audible announcements through the speakers of a fire alarm, public address or giant voice system. TTS enables fully customised notifications with crystal clear intelligibility. The TTS technology guards against outside fail points while delivering customised audible and visual emergency communications to ensure consistent notifications in compliance with NFPA72-2010. With embedded Alertus TTS, notifications can be originated by any third-party distributed personal recipient alert system and be disseminated through the E3 Series fire alarm/ECS network’s speakers.

The Alertus system also can broadcast alerts through digital and LED signage, giant voice outdoor systems, desktop computers, IP-based phones and even cable television systems.

“Every facility and its occupants are different. The goal is to grab everyone’s attention and get your point across quickly and intelligibly,” says Brian Carlson, product specialist for Gamewell-FCI. “The Alertus signs and notification modules connect with our systems easily and can be placed almost anywhere, inside or out. And they have no problems getting your attention.”

The E3 Series of fire alarm and ECS are entirely supervised systems which stores data throughout its network, making it more “survivable” to ensure the ongoing delivery of emergency communications. Unlike most systems, the E3 Series requires only a single cable of two-twisted copper wires or fiber optic cables to support fire alarm functions. The ability to exploit the supervised, survivable integrity of an E3 Series fire alarm system by integrating an advanced emergency communications system can also save costs while increasing the reliability and effectiveness of both systems.