Paging is a popular device that supports deaf and hard of hearing people in case of a fire emergency
Gent introduced Response Paging System, Response Link and Response Plus

Gent by Honeywell continues to strengthen its extensive portfolio of innovative technology by launching its first range of paging systems.

The Response Paging System offers the latest innovations in wireless paging and monitoring. It’s a cost effective and flexible system that offers the ability to quickly respond to activated alarms.

The solution consists of a wall mounted transmitter and antennae that can send programmable messages to designated pagers that are powerful enough to cover large areas.

The Response Paging System was designed to meet the various needs of those requiring a paging system. It comes in three variants giving the customer the flexibility to choose the ideal system according to the building’s requirements.

The Response Link is an entry level option that features all the essential paging capabilities providing basic information of an incident. The system is particularly ideal for smaller sites featuring a 500 mW transmitter and four clean contact alarm outputs.

The Response Plus system has a wide range of applications that will fit all types of industries requiring a paging network. It features four clean contacts but also has a serial input/output that will display messages appearing on the front of Gent fire panels that have a serial output. The standard 4 Watt transmitter is powerful enough to cover large areas meaning install costs can be reduced by limiting the amount of additional transmitters needed across a large site.

Equality Act 2010 recommendations require all UK employers to make a provision for disabled staff and customers in the area of fire safety. Paging is a popular device that supports deaf and hard of hearing people in case of a fire emergency. Gent’s Response Aid paging system is used in hotels, universities and retail stores to support the deaf and hard of hearing in case of a fire emergency.

The device is set to Equality Act 2010 recommendations and complies with BS5839 recommendations. The system sends a strong vibration to every pager together with a text message alerting the user of a fire evacuation.