The CWT128 employs two of JBL’s proven 2408H-1 1-inch neodymium magnet compression drivers
The CWT128 features JBL's CWT Crossfired Waveguide Technology that provides horizontal coverage

At ISE 2013, HARMAN’s JBL Professional is debuting its CWT128 loudspeaker, featuring an all-new design that delivers extremely wide-angle coverage. The CWT128 features JBL’s CWT Crossfired Waveguide Technology, designed to provide seamless horizontal coverage across a full 160 degrees.

The CWT128’s relatively compact size and small footprint (31.94 inches H x 10.22 inches W x 11.84 inches D) take up about a third of the footprint of two speakers arranged side by side. The CWT128 is ideal for performance spaces, houses of worship, auditoriums, transportation facilities, theme parks, sports facilities and other indoor and outdoor applications. Because one speaker can be used instead of two, installation costs can be lowered by reducing the number of cabinets, cabling, labor and other costs. The CWT128’s clean, rounded look blends well with contemporary architectural spaces.

The CWT128 is based on JBL’s patented Crossfired Waveguide Technology, which essentially splits the waveguide in half and utilises two compression drivers loaded in different directions. The waveguide provides exceptional offaxis response and by eliminating multiple sets of speakers that interfere with each other, overall fidelity is greatly improved and intelligibility is increased.

The CWT128 employs two of JBL’s proven 2408H-1 1-inch neodymiummagnet compression drivers, renowned for their high-power-handling and smooth response. A pair of 8-inch JBL SFG™ (Symmetrical Field Geometry) low-frequency drivers each features a copper-clad aluminum edge-wound 2.5-inch voice coil and copper-clad pole piece that improve performance by reducing voice coil inductance and distortion for smoother response, extended bass and extremely low distortion.

The durable multi-ply enclosures offer multiple mounting options and feature JBL’s textured DuraFlex finish and a powder-coated steel grille backed by acoustically transparent foam. Four M10 attachment points are built in across the top and sides, and four M8 points on the rear panel accept OmniMount wall-mount brackets. The CWT128 includes covered barrier strip speaker terminals and an internal passive network and 110W 70/100V transformer. A variety of optional finishes are available including white, and JBL’s WRC and WRX weather-resistant versions.

“A challenge of many sound reinforcement situations is to provide highquality, full-bandwidth sound over an area greater than 100 degrees,” said Jon Sager, Senior Manager, Installed Sound, JBL Professional. “This typically requires the use of two speakers that are arrayed side by side and in a splayed configuration. However, this approach produces interference where the coverage patters overlap, causing uneven sound fields and compromised intelligibility. The CWT128 is an ingenious space- and cost-saving solution.”