The fire detection control panel is ideal for very large installations
The new fire detection control panel offers a high degree of availability and supports up to 5,000 peripheral devices

The Siemens Building Technologies Division is launching the Sinteso FC2080 fire detection control panel. Thanks to multiple redundancies, this control panel offers a high degree of availability and supports up to 5,000 peripheral devices. The highly expandable and scalable device is particularly suitable for very large installations.

The Sinteso FC2080 rounds out the Siemens Building Technologies Division's comprehensive portfolio of control panels with a version for very large fire detection systems. Up to 5,000 fire detectors and peripheral devices can be connected to the control panel. It can also be individually configured with the addition of up to 37 line and I/O cards. If necessary, the FC2080 can be networked with up to 64 additional Sinteso control panels and terminals via a cluster backbone architecture. This permits the step-by-step modernisation of existing installations.

To provide maximum security, the Sinteso FC2080 control panel offers multiple levels of redundancy. For example, it has a redundant CPU card with automatic switchover in the event of malfunction, redundant software and an integrated degrade mode for forwarding alarms even if central processing units fail. Turbo isolators, a failsafe mode and the FDnet's loop structure ensure that alarms work on the field level even in the event of a line interruption or a short circuit. The control panel is integrated into the network through an EN 54-compliant backbone with cluster connection via two Ethernet switches and two network cards.

All Sinteso control panels are based on a standard operating concept. When an event or alarm occurs, they display precise messages in plain language and enable personnel to operate them safely and with as little stress as possible. The control panels also have clearly assigned function keys and user-friendly menu guidance. This reduces the amount of training needed and increases operating safety. The Sinteso FC2080 is housed in a standard 19-inch rack, and the operating unit can be integrated into the housing door or placed at a distance from the unit, as needed.

Thanks to its high flexibility and scalability, the Sinteso FC2080 control panel is especially suitable for very large fire detection systems, for example in airports, shopping centers, chemical and pharmaceutical production facilities or power plants. Since the Sinteso FC2080 supports up to 24 different independent alarm concepts, it is possible to meet a variety of requirements with only one control panel. This can be beneficial, for example when there are multiple tenants in an industrial park or in an installation with different security levels. Depending on the situation, the fire department can be called directly when an alarm sounds, or the security staff can be assigned an individual verification period for each property.