The new 16-zone system was custom-made at SigNET's headquarters
Solid State electrical installation company performed the installation work

When the voice alarm system at Manchester Aquatics Centre ground to a halt, specialist electrical installation company, Solid State, dived to the rescue.

Working on behalf of Manchester Working/Norfolk Property Services, the Lancashire-based company's team of specialist engineers swiftly dismantled the old system at the city's top venue for all things aquatic and installed SigNET's powerful Integrity voice alarm in its place. The sophisticated new 16-zone system was custom-built at SigNET's headquarters in Newcastle and, as such, was precisely designed for the state-of-the-art centre, currently in use as one of the UK's key training hubs for the 2012 Olympics. Interestingly, this particular voice alarm possesses innovative software that enables systems to be designed and demonstrated before purchase and also allows the building's site-evacuation strategies to be thoroughly tested before installation. Obviously this presents a major advantage to building managers as the intricacies of a facility's voice alarm can be planned well in advance.

Situated in the heart of Manchester, the fantastic modern centre has two 50-metre swimming pools and is a perfect venue for international swimming events and training. Australia's Swimming Team are just one of the teams training at the facility in the run up to the 2012 Olympics. The fact that Integrity also functions as a public address/ loudspeaker system, means that it is ideal for the centre of swimming excellence as it allows announcements, sports commentary and instructions to be broadcast at gala and training events.

Said Mark Suffolk, Solid State's Installation Manager: "Integrity is a robust and durable voice alarm system which I have every confidence in. Its secondary capacity as a public address system means that it is perfect for a centre hosting competitions and events and I am confident it will provide the facility with a fully functioning VA/PA system for the foreseeable future."