The VX-2000 is fully compliant with the BS 5853 pt8 and EN/IEC 60849 standards
TOA VX-2000 is famous amongst installers and end-users for mid-sized applications

VX-2000 PA/VA system for medium-sized projects set to be music to installers ears

Underlining its commitment to providing a complete range of PA/VA solutions for every side of project, TOA showcased its VX-2000 Voice Evacuation Series at International Firex 2009.

Sitting between the VM-3000 and the top-end SX-2000 in the TOA line-up, the VX-2000 has proved immensely popular with installers and end-users alike in a broad range of mid-sized applications. Fully compliant with the BS 5853 pt8 and EN/IEC 60849 standards, the VX-2000 comprises a System Manager, Surveillance Frame, Power Amplifiers, Power Supply, Emergency Power Supply, Fireman's Microphone and Remote Microphones.

Designed to be fully scalable, the VX-2000 system can be configured to accept up to 18 input slots, eight Remote Microphones (including four Fireman's Microphones), and two pre-announcement boards as well as a built-in announcement chime. Up to 50 output zones, using a maximum of five surveillance frames, can be administered under a single system.

The VX-2000's Fireman's Microphone is also used for acoustic monitoring and surveillance of the Emergency Microphone unit (including the microphone capsule voice-coil itself). In the event of a CPU failure, a CPU cutoff switch on the Fireman's Microphone ensures that an all-call paging function is still available via the Microphone.

Commenting on the VX-2000's continued popularity, Brett Downing, Sales & Marketing Director, TOA Europe, says: "The most important factor in any emergency alarm system is total reliability. Facilities all over the world rely on TOA to safeguard both their property and their people, and the VX-2000 is a prime example of why they do. The system is capable of operating dependably in the most demanding environments, and its sophisticated failure detection measures mean that it constantly checking components and speaker lines for any abnormalities, without interrupting program material such as music distribution or paging announcements.”

"With the VM-3000, VX-2000 and SX-2000, TOA has a range of scalable solutions that is unmatched in the industry. No other company can address small single-site, large single-site and multiple-site applications in this way.”