The band invested in a CL3 console, plus Rio3224-D and Rio1608-D i/o units
The band were impressed by the almost limitless possibilities of Yamaha CL mixing consoles with R-series i/o units

Playing around 180 shows a year, Dutch covers band Anderkovver (Another Cover) is a popular attraction at clubs, parties, corporate events and as a support act to higher profile artists. When the band’s analogue mixer recently failed they decided to make a long-term investment in the form of a Yamaha CL3 digital console and R-series i/o units.

Formed by Raymond Weysters (bass/vocals) and Roger Damoiseaux (guitar/vocals), Anderkovver performs music of many different styles with, as the band says, ‘a touch of humour and a dash of chaos.’ With a large and varied repertoire, the band needed a mixing console that could adapt quickly to changes in the set list, as well as to the different styles of music that they play.

Run as a full-time concern, the band owns all its own equipment and transport, including full lighting and sound rigs. Raymond and the band’s front of house engineer, Remy Bergers, visited Dutch audio dealer Sales-All and were impressed by the almost limitless possibilities of Yamaha CL mixing consoles with R-series i/o units.

The same day they chose to invest in a CL3 console, plus Rio3224-D and Rio1608-D i/o units. They also invested in an MY16-AUD interface card, which allows the band’s existing Yamaha 01V96i monitor mixer to seamlessly integrate with the new system’s Dante network. Located on stage, the 01V96i is operated by drummer Raymond Herveille, providing an individual monitor mix for each band member.

“The CL3 is robust, very well designed, it has every possible tool I need and it sounds excellent,” says Remy. “There is no coloration at all to the sound. But if I need them the Premium Rack effects are great. All the processing I could possibly need is available.”

He continues, “This band does so many different performances, there is a choice of hundreds of songs they can do in a show. The CL Editor software helps me to quickly access the library of mixes that I have saved for every song.”

Easy multitrack recordings

Another advantage for Remy is the ease with which multitrack recordings can be done via Nuendo Live and Dante Virtual Soundcard.

“I do a lot of recording direct from the Dante network to my laptop,” he says “We take the recordings to the band’s studio for post-production and I regularly do a virtual soundcheck, especially when the location, time or situation does not allow us to do a normal soundcheck. It is a great tool.”

Although the band is very happy with how the 01V96i is integrated into the Dante network, growing demands on the system means that a QL or second CL series mixer is likely to be added as a new monitor console soon.

In addition, Remy has added a customised ‘kovver’ to the CL3 himself, in the form of a raised Plexiglas shield for the Front of House console’s faders. “Dutch party audiences are very enthusiastic and it often ends up raining beer,” he says with a half-smile, half-grimace. “We know how reliable Yamaha consoles are, but we felt it was a good idea to protect our investment as much as possible!”