Zenitel’s aim for the first year of partnership with COBS AB is to introduce STENTOFON’s newest VOIP stations and solutions to the Swedish market
COBS AB will distribute and market Zenitel’ STENTOFON solutions and products to the Swedish market

Zenitel, a global leader and supplier of the VINGTOR® and STENTOFON® brands of communication systems, announces partnership with the Swedish security company COBS AB.

Zenitel is proud to announce a new partnership with Swedish COBS. COBS AB will distribute and market STENTOFON solutions and products to the Swedish market. With an emphasis on safe and secure communication, COBS AB deliver mobile communication solutions for personal security, healthcare, industrial/production, correctional facilities, prisons and the retail business.

"COBS AB has built an extensive network in both the private- and public sector in Sweden, which will make them a very valuable partner for Zenitel. With increased attention on building security in Norwegian schools and other public buildings in Norway, we expect the demand for security and communication solutions to be increasing in our neighboring countries in the near future as well. COBS AB will have a central part in distributing our experience of the importance of critical communication from the Norwegian market to the Swedish market", said Runar Holm, Zenitel Sales Manager.

Zenitel’s aim for the first year of partnership with COBS AB is to introduce STENTOFON’s newest VOIP stations and solutions to the Swedish market.

"Zenitel want to increase the attention of modern sound and speech technology for security applications in Building Security, Transportation, Infrastructure and Industry within the Swedish market. The first joint appearance will be the security exhibition SKYDD 2014, the biggest security trade fair in the Nordic countries. COBS’ stand at SKYDD 2014 will showcase STENTOFON’s latest systems and technology. We look forward to present our newly developed products to the Swedish security market", Holm continued.

Solutions with a wider spand of possibilities for partners and integrators

This partnership will strengthen the foundation for the VINGTOR and STENTOFON brands in the Swedish market. For Zenitel’s and COBS AB’s customers, this will mean more diversity and flexibility when it comes to system integration and value-adding services.

"With Zenitel’s portfolio critical communication systems for demanding environments, COBS will be able to provide our customers with even better solutions for more effective and safer communication installations", said Sören Erlandsson, Managing Director at COBS AB.

COBS AB products that will be included in the STENTOFON assortment include:

  • DECT telephones
  • Panic alarm with pressure alarm movement sensor
  • COBS Messaging Server (CMS)
  • Big potential for Swedish expansion

“Zenitel has been on the lookout for a strong Swedish distribution partner. COBS AB is one of the leaders in the field of alarm and communication solutions in Sweden. With a quality portfolio and close contact with leading Swedish companies, COBS AB is a good match for Zenitel and its Stentofon product range. The new partnership is a unique opportunity for Zenitel to increase its footprint in Scandinavia”, said Hanne Eriksen, Vice President of Sale at Zenitel.