Community Professional RSH-462 horn/driver system

 RSH-462 Horn Speaker
BrandCommunity Professional Loudspeakers
Model CodeRSH-462
Sound pressure level [dB] at rated power (1kHz, 1m)110..120
Provision for supervision board mountingYes
Model Info

The RSH-462 is a complete horn/driver system designed for use in standalone voice-range sound reinforcement and announcement/signaling applications . The RSH-462 provides focused, very high output sound projection, with predictable performance and exceptional long-term durability. The horn portion of the assembly is a handcrafted one-piece Patented FocusedArray wave-guide, precision molded in hand- laminated, reinforced fiberglass for optimum performance. With substantial fiberglass layering and integral throat and driver flange construction, the horn is built to withstand substantial loads. The inherent strength and rigidity of fiberglass construction enhances sonic efficiency by preventing sound energy loss as well as providing an inherently weather-resistant installed loudspeaker system.

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