Paso AWF120-HV 120 W amplifier with 4 KV insulation

 AWF120-HV Voice Alarm Control Equipment
Model CodeAWF120-HV
Loudspeaker line supervision: Impedance measurementYes
Model Info

The Paso AWF120-HV has four inputs with RJ45 sockets on the lower panel: one input for a B711-G microphone station (BASE) and three auxiliary inputs (AUX1, AUX2 and AUX3). These inputs, which are electronically balanced, are switched to one another and have their own order of priority: the BASE input has priority over inputs AUX1/2/3, input AUX1 over AUX2/3 and input AUX2 over AUX3. On each of them, switching of the inputs takes place by means of a positive power supply from outside. There is a voltage on sockets AUX1/2/3 that is cut off in the event of failure of the amplifier or if it is switched off. This enables operation of the amplifier to be monitored from a remote station. There is a ‘busy’ signal on sockets AUX 2 and AUX 3 when the BASE input or the AUX 1 input are active.

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