RCF S.p.A. TTL36-AS high power subwoofer

 TTL36-AS Cabinet Speaker
BrandRCF S.p.A.
Model CodeTTL36-AS
Sound pressure level [dB] at rated power (1kHz, 1m)> 120
Speech and/or music reproductionSpeech and high quality music
Model Info

RCF TTL36-AS high power subwoofer is an ideal flyable bass complement for the TTL55-A array system. The clam-shell design guarantees the maximum output per size while the 2 x 4.5-inch voice coil vented 18-inch woofer design offers minimum of power compression. It is perfect to create flown systems for theatrical and indoor requirements. The low-frequency transducers are RCF Precision high-power 18-inch woofers with a 4.5-inch inside/outside voice coil to minimise power compression. The amplifier section features 2 x 2000 Watt highly advanced digital amplifier modules.

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